Lucky are the ones who have understanding and mature siblings. But hey, what about the ones who are stuck with insecure brothers and sisters? Well, if you’re one of them, you have our sympathies. It can get extremely difficult to deal with jealous siblings that disrupt your mental peace. But hey, before you stress yourself out with the inevitable situation, let us help!

We’ve done some legwork for you and put together 5 practical tips to handle sibling insecurity with maturity. Here, take a look below:

Confront them

Let’s face it: You can’t prolong this conversation for a long time. It is imperative that you have a mature discussion with your siblings and tell them how you feel. Address your concerns patiently in front of them and wait for their reaction. Remember to stay calm throughout the conversation (come what may).

Appreciate them often

Now, underappreciation can be one of the common reasons for an insecure sibling. Well, in that case, the best to do here is give them your time and find ways to appreciate whatever they do. Start by showering genuine compliments about little things. For starters, you can tell them how great they are doing at work or perhaps tell them how amazing their cooking skills are. It’s that simple!

Take the high road

We understand. It’s heartbreaking to watch your siblings pin you down at every step. Cheer up, loves! Don’t be upset (no matter how much it hurts). Instead, be the bigger person and take the higher road. It might not seem easy at first, but hey, trust us, it’ll bring you peace! Walk away with grace and dignity. You can do this, okay?

Set boundaries

Let us tell you something. Boundaries are essential in every relationship (especially when you’re dealing with a jealous sibling. Yes, you read that correctly. If their insecurity is out of your control, muster the courage to draw the line between the two of you. Figure out what rules you want to imply, how you wish to interact with them, how much time you want to spend around them. It’s okay. It’s what you need at this moment!

Don’t feel guilty!

There are chances that your siblings might turn the tables on you. But hey, don’t let them guilt trip or intimidate you. If they blame you for their wrongdoings, take a break and sit together for a discussion yet again after everybody is calm. Just ensure that you don’t ruin your mental peace.

Dealing with toxic siblings can hamper your mental and physical well-being. Relax! The good news is you can still manage sibling rivalry gracefully with our above-mentioned guide. You can learn to protect yourself from their attacks and stand up for what matters the most- your peace!

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