It’s normal to have pet peeves in a relationship. But hey, out of all, dishonesty tops the charts. You know why? Well, it can easily erode the connection between you and your significant other in many unfortunate ways. Dealing with a lying partner in your relationship in fact drains you emotionally. Either way, it’s the worst possible thing you have to put up within a relationship or a marriage.

If you’ve recently sensed that your partners are perhaps keeping something from you, here’s how you can spot lies in a relationship:

  • You will spot a change in their behavior. For instance, your partners may avoid eye contact while talking or become extremely secretive about their lives.
  • Your partner will react to everything in a negative way.
  • You will find them making excuses for everything (even for hanging out with you).
  • You will see them become evasive.
  • You will notice they will make you feel guilty either for your actions or your choice of words.

If you’ve spotted the above-mentioned red flags, it’s time to face the reality.

Find the best possible way to deal with it. Here’s how you can do it the right way:

  • Confront your partner

It’ll be painful. But somebody has to do it. So, pull yourself together and get this over with. You can either confront your partner privately or talk in front of people. And if your significant other is not ready to admit the fault (just yet), show the evidence.

  • Give a chance to explain

Now, we know you may have assumed the worst possible reasons for the way they acted. But hey, give them the benefit of doubt and accept what they have to say for now (even if it is hard-hitting). Remember that the goal here is to listen and understand the reason behind their lie without lashing out.

  • Respond with grace

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. But, you cannot let your emotions get the best out of you (at least not right now!) Take a deep breath, collect yourself together after your partner’s startling confession and respond peacefully. Express your concerns in a calm state of mind and wait for your significant other’s reaction.

  • Set boundaries

We hate to break it to you but you need to set boundaries with your loved ones (especially the ones that end up hurting you). All you have to do is take some time to think, set clear limits, and say it out loud in front of your partner. And hey, relax. It’s absolutely fine to draw the line. You’ll see!

  • Propose a relationship workshop

To save a relationship built on lies you must get help from a professional who might be the answer to your problems. So, go ahead and suggest your partner to take up relationship coaching. It might end up working its wonders on both of you!

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