Tell us something. Have you recently embraced your sexuality? Kudos to you! Doesn’t it feel liberating? Well, while the feeling of accepting who you truly are can be satisfying, it also evokes the fear of facing reality (and more importantly, parents). Coming out to your parents naturally brings up multiple questions. How do I come out to my parents? Will they push me away? How will they react? It’s a lot to take in, TBH. But hey, the good news is you’ve got us (come, what may). Hang in there.

We’ve curated some of the best tips on how to come out of the closet to your parents below:

Come, let’s take a look at it. Shall we?

  • Be in a good place in your life

Now that you’ve identified your sexuality, congrats! But hey, what’s next? But how to tell your parents your gay? Well, the first and the most obvious step is to embrace who you truly are. It’s important that you are confident about yourself. Why? Well, only then will you be able to overcome societal pressure and be in a healthy space. So, hold your chin high, lovelies. You’ve got this!

  • Pick the right place and time

How do you come out to your parents in a proper way? Allow us to tell you something. This news deserves your parent’s undivided attention. So, choose a time and place without distractions. Ensure that you make the best possible use of this opportunity (that you are fully in control of). Don’t let it slip away!

  • Be ready for their reaction

We hate to break it to you but your parent’s reactions can be mixed. While many parents might accept the reality with open arms, the rest of them may struggle to willingly embrace the startling truth. But hey, cheer up! These mixed emotions are normal. Give them the time to sink the news in their systems. Avoid starting a fight right after the revelation.

  • Keep it cool

Repeat after us: Don’t lose calm after the situation gets tense. Losing patience after coming out to my parents can worsen things. Just take a deep breath and give them time. If your parents aren’t cool about it, sit them down, gently explain everything to them once again, and voila. You might have done some damage control, right there!

  • Address their concerns

Now, pat yourself on the back for taking this bold step of coming out to your parents. But hey, guess what? Your job isn’t over (just yet). After you’ve revealed the truth about your sexuality, anticipate their concerns peacefully and help educate them.

  • Know the exit

Here’s a secret: If things start to get overwhelming, make an exit. Knowing when to leave the room is important to ensure you (out of all the people) don’t feel emotionally drained. Take some time out, recharge, and start over (again!)

We get it. It’s tough to admit to them. But hey, our guide on the best ways to come out to your parents will most definitely help!

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