Ek dusre se karte hai pyaar ye. Ek dusre ke liye bekaraar hai. Ek dusre ke vaaste marna pade toh. Hai taiyyar ye chaaron. Um, wait a minute? Kaun chaaron? Who are we talking about? Well, guys and gals. Ladies and gentlemen. We are talking about none other than the reel-life siblings from ALTBalaji’s next, Crashh web series. The upcoming series is an emotional household drama of four kids who are torn apart by one accident but reunited by fate in their later years.

Taking to Instagram to announce Crashh, ALTBalaji wrote, “Some accidents end lives… Some just change them forever!

Find out how a #Crashh changed the lives of 4 siblings!

#Crashh teaser streaming on 1st Feb on #AltBalaji.”

About Crashh web series

C’mon, you guys! Put your hands up in the air. We are about to tell you a story. A story about four kids. Kajal. Rahim. Alia. Kabir. Inki kahani thodi tragic hai. Toh kya hota hai inke sath? Aise hua ki…The four of them separate from each other at a young age after their parent’s die in a car crash (NOOOO!) After their death, the kids were adopted by different families and lead a life of their own (*omg, our heart*).

ALTBalaji’s Crashh web series is a tale of love and pain of the four siblings that will bring tears as they discover the truth about each other. What’s interesting to watch is how they cross each other’s path time and again without knowing who they really are. The web series is a beautiful story of destiny that tells us how some bonds are meant to be and find their way back to each other even when love is lost.


About the star cast

Starring Rohan Mehra, Zain Imam, Anushka Sen, Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, and others, Crashh is an ensemble of some of the brilliant actors of the industry.

While the lead actors of the show are Rohan Mehra, Anushka Sen, Kunj Anand, and Aditi Sharma, Zain Imam also happens to play a pivotal role of a doctor in the series. And mind you, all of these characters in the show are quite interesting to watch. In fact, it is their stellar acting skills and performance that has made the show soar the sky. Kaise kare hum inka shrukriya? Believe us when we say that you’re going to fall in love with every one of them. Get ready to watch them on-screen as they make you weep with joy and laughter in Crashh web series.

Watch Crashh online

So, what are waiting for? Download ALTBalaji and get started right away by paying as low as 80 paisa every day. Kaafi sahi na? With such an affordable subscription package, you can enjoy never-ending streaming of Crashh web series as well as other shows streaming exclusively on ALTBalaji. Happy binge-watching, peeps!

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