Color, color which color do you want? Black? Blue? Red? Yellow? Chalo, sare hi le lo. Kyunki iss baar humare pass sab kuch hai. The upcoming Girgit web series is all set to reveal the different shades, unseen yet true colors, dark secrets, and spine-chilling confrontations on ALTBalaji in October. And hey, guess what? The makers of the show have already given us an exclusive peek of sab ke badalte rang!

ALTBalaji shared the trailer of the Girgit web series on their Instagram with the caption, “Girgit Trailer

WARNING Proceed carefully. Inki duniya hai rangeen aur madness unseen! #Girgit streaming 27th October on #ALTBalaji.”

About the trailer

He loves her. He loves her, not! Does he really though? Or is it plain obsession? Well, the recently launched trailer of the Girgit web series will leave you on the edge of your seat with Ranbir and Janhvi’s dangerous yet thrilling love affair. You’ll see!

The trailer begins with the lead character, Ranbir Khetan still in love with his ex-wife, Janhvi Khetan. Despite their separation, he is seen missing her even after his engagement with Avantika. While Ranbir’s love for her is quite evident throughout the trailer, the real mystery arises when he is held as a suspect for Janhvi’s murder. Akhir kisne socha tha ki kahani mein kuch aisa bhi twist aaega? Aapne ya humne? TBH, kisine bhi nahi!

Talking to Social Ketchup about the suspenseful plot of Girgit, Nakul Sahdev said, “The world of Girgit is surreal. Everyone is twisted and weird in a way, and you will like their weirdness. It’s a fast-paced series, in a very Guy Ritchie space. Each one of us has a side to us that we hide in society. What happens when we put it out in front of society? That is what Girgit is about.”

About the show

Warning: Enter at your own risk.

Yaha kisi par bharosa kiya ja nahi sakta. Kyunki ek girgit ke tarah, logo ke bhi rang yaha badal sakte hai!

ALTBalaji’s upcoming series, Girgit is a rollercoaster ride that will leave you at the edge of your seat with its twisted murder tale. The show revolves around the mystery of Janhvi’s

(Taniya Kalrra) death. While every character in the web series is under the radar of the cops, the prime suspect surprisingly happens to be her husband, Ranbir Khetan (Nakul Sahdev).

Starring Nakul Sahdev, Taniya Kalrra, Ashmita Jaggi, Alexander, and other popular stars in prominent roles, the Girgit web series is a thriller entertainment packed with unexpected twists and turns. Believe us when we say it’s one hell of an entertainer that is here with dher sara mirch, masala, suspense and thrill. We claim it be!

Watch Girgit online

Lights, Camera, Action, aur Hum sab tayyar hai ek aisi duniya mein chalne jaha sabke rang-roop badlenge. Aur aap? Nahi? Arey, so, what are you waiting for? Get going RN and download the ALTBalaji app right away. Watch Girgit online only at 80 paise per day. Hurry!



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