Ek kahani sunoge? Haan? Bohot badhiya! Ye kahani hai Anaysha, Kiyan aur Kashti ki. But, who are these three? Hold up, guys. We are getting there. Well, Anaysha happens to be a newly famous author of a bestselling novel while Kashti happens to be her friend.  And Kiyan? Ab iske baremein hum kya hi bataye? He is the one who goes above and beyond to destroy the two of them (*gasps*). An interesting tale, right?

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Ye kahani kisi aur ki nahi balki ALTBalaji ke Bekaaboo Season 2 ki hai. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. The makers of Bekaaboo have finally announced the season renewal of the series. This time around, the season renewal of the web series is something that you’ve never seen before. Yakeen nahi aata? Lo, aap khud hi dekh lo!

About Bekaaboo 2 web series

Pyaar ka definition aap sabko pata hai. Sabke dictionary mein iske kahi arth hote hai. Agar ek bolega ki pyaar dosti hai and all that jazz toh dusra isko pagalpan ka naam de dega. But, have you seen the dark side of love? Um…no! Koi na. Iss baar tayyar hojao iss chote se shabh ka ek naya roop dekhne ka jo aap sabko hila dega. May we present to you the dark side of a relationship in the brand new season of Bekaaboo.

ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo Season 2 is a spine-chilling storyline of each character that goes lengths to destroy each other’s life. The show is a revenge saga packed with unexpected twists and turns at every step. The deadly game of deception, betrayal, murder, money, and fame is ready to take the digital world by storm this month. But, are you? Hell yes! Know more about the release of Bekaaboo 2


About the cast

Raise your hands if you remember the first season of Bekaaboo. You do, don’t you? It created quite a stir with its sizzling cast, no? Well, this time around, the series gets even better! It is 10x hotter, bigger, and suspenseful (*boy, somebody shut us up*). You’ll see 😉

Brace yourself as the brand new season of Bekaaboo is here and arriving faster. The show is an ensemble of some of the brilliant actors yet again. Akhir kaun hai iss baar? Batade? Pakka? Acha chalo bata hi dete hai. ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo 2 web series sees a stellar cast starring some of the popular faces of the television industry. They are none other than Taher Shabbir, Subha Rajput, Priya Banerjee, Ankit Gupta, and many more. Hai na kamal? Humne toh aapko pehle hi kaha tha. Ab bus deri hai toh inhe apne screen par dekhne ki.

Watch Bekaaboo Season 2 online

Laga na shock? Humein bhi laga tha khabar sunkar. Baat toh pakki hai, boss. Bekaaboo 2 web series toh aa raha hai aapke hosh udhane. We are ready with our ALTBalaji subscription package! Are you? Not yet? Don’t fret. Go grab an affordable subscription package now! You can pay as low as 80 paisa every day and stream the latest shows online without any interruption. Amazing, right? So, what are you waiting for? Hurry!!

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