ALTBalaji’s most popular web series, Baarish Season 2 was recently released on the OTT platform which stars actors, Asha Negi and Sharman Joshi. A simple yet gripping love story swooned everyone due to its vibrant characters along with the occasional Mumbai drizzles. Season 2 was a great success with veteran actor, Jeetendra Kapoor, appearing for the cameo role of a businessman slash matchmaker. On a live interview with Hindustan Times, Baarish actress, Asha Negi was asked about the scenes that were toughest to shoot for the web series. The actress replied saying that one of the scenes from the show was very awkward to shoot. Let’s look at what Asha Negi had to say about Baarish web series and dive into the cast and plot of the show.

Kissing Scene Made Asha Negi ‘Shy and Awkward’

The actress confessed that the kissing scene in Baarish Season 2 made her feel shy and awkward on set as it was her first kiss on-screen. But Asha Negi also shared that the director of the show, Nandita Mehra and her co-star, Sharman Joshi made her feel comfortable and calm during the shooting. She was aware of such a scene being in the show but braced herself. She also told Ekta Kapoor that she would have to make her do the scene and take care of her shyness and awkwardness.

Cast of Baarish Season 2

Featuring Asha Negi and Sharman Joshi in the lead role, they play the characters of Gauravi Karmakar and Anuj Mehta. Actors like Vikram Singh Chauhan, Manit Joura, Priya Banerjee, Sahil Shroff, and Benaf Dadachandji can be seen in supporting roles. Acclaimed actor, Jeetendra Kapoor made his digital debut as Jeetuji Gandhi, who plays a key role in Baarish Season 2 and gives a much-needed spin to the story. Catch Baarish Season 2 trailer on ALTBalaji’s official YouTube channel now!

Recap of Baarish Season 1 Finale

Baarish Season 1 ended on a rather suspenseful note with Gauravi being left in prison while Anuj reassures her that he will get her out of there. He then goes home to find out that his siblings, Rishi and Shreya, have fled from the country. Anuj is suddenly left on his own with a court case claiming his restaurant to be illegal and with his wife in jail, taking the blame for it all. He will have to bail Gauravi out and start all over again as his siblings have taken everything that he had. Baarish Season 2 has a lot of questions to answer with a combination of newer twists. Watch Baarish Season 2 web series on ALTBalaji’s mobile app and website today! catch the most romantic song of baarish web series

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