ALTBalaji recently released Season 2 of Baarish web series which had garnered a great response for its Season 1. The love story consists of simple yet very compelling characters that make you binge-watch the serial until the end. After the finale ended without many hints, the viewers were eagerly looking forward to the next season. The internet broke after the cameo appearance of veteran actor, Jeetendra Kapoor in Season 2 was revealed online. Baarish web series star, Asha Negi recently talked to Pinkvilla about her latest work in Baarish and why she picked the show. So, let’s look at what Asha Negi shared with the media channel and where you can stream the new web series.

‘When Baarish (Web Series) Came, I Was like Finally!’

When asked about Baarish Season 2, Asha Negi shared that they had maintained the essence and simplicity of the show in Season 2 as well and the drama and intensity would be up a notch. Talking about her being selective with the choice of shows, she said that she hadn’t picked anything in the past 2-3 years before she chose Baarish. She added that her experience with TV was bad during the last two times as they had gone off-air and this took a toll on her. 

Sharing her thought process regarding this experience, Asha Negi said, “That’s when I decided I won’t do anything or everything that is offered. I will be selective. Finally, when Baarish came, I was like finally!” When asked about how she picks shows, she claimed that she goes with her gut feeling. “I have learnt from my past experience. I would be okay not doing something,” Asha Negi said. “Sometimes, there is a hint of regret that ‘Oh, it is working, why didn’t I do it.’ I have realized though that if I am creatively not satisfied, there is no point of me doing it”

When she was asked if she would return to TV anytime soon, Asha Negi shared, “When it comes to content, I wouldn’t want to do the typical TV show. But if I get a show which is interesting, a good concept, be it on TV, web or film, I will do it.” Know what Sharman Joshi has to say while working on this web series

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Where to Watch Baarish Season 2?

You can watch this new web series on ALTBalaji’s mobile app as well as the website. The show is on premium view but you can watch the first episode of the web series for free. To watch the remaining episodes you will need to subscribe to the channel. You can purchase a subscription on the mobile app by directly selecting ‘Subscribe’ or click on the ‘Subscribe’ option under ‘Sign in’ for the website. There are two subscription packages available, a three-month subscription plan for Rs.100 and a twelve-month subscription plan for Rs.300. Watch Baarish Season 2 web series on ALTBalaji with zero interruption today!

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