Ayy ji..O ji.. Lo ji..Suno ji.. Kar rahe hai hum kuch ghoshna ji. Lo aap bhi sunlo ji. Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to welcome the swag wali public with a BANG. Unka time definitely aa chuka hai. The makers of ALTBalaji have finally revealed the cast of their action-packed drama, Bang Baang web series.

Recently, ALTBalaji gave everyone a full-blown peek of the cast on Instagram in the newly launched trailer of the show. They captioned, “Aapke hosh udane aa raha hai #BangBaang.

Super bikes, super stars aur supercast ke entry ke saath, hogayi hai 2021 ki shuruwat.

Just wait and watch #BangBaang, streaming 25th January on #ALTBalaji.”

Toh der kis baat ki ab?

Here’s presenting to you all the stellar star cast of Bang Baang:

  • Faisal Shaikh as Raghu

Ye hai humare show ka jigar da tukda. Hero banana toh iske daay haathon ka khel hai. That’s Raghu for you, ladies and gentlemen. Believe us when we say that there’s no one, other than him that can win your hearts with punchy one-liners and uff, too much swag, of course! (*brb, scrolling through his gram*).

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Faizal Shaikh - Bang Baang

  •  Ruhi Singh as Meera

Haaave you met Meera? She is the kickass and the badass lady don of Bang Baang web series. Ye dikhti hai bohot siddhi. Par bach kar hi rehna aap isse. Sabki haddhi pasli ek karne ki shamata hai ismein. If she can get every criminal to accept their crime, you can only imagine what all is she really capable of. You’ll find that out!  😉

  • Aman Gandotra as Rohan

Bow down, people. We have a royalty amidst us. He is none other than the renowned prince of the Udaipur city, Rohan. Ab inke baremein hum jitna kahe utna kam hi hai! You’ll fall in love with his charm and persona. Uff, the aura that he brings to the show is unmissable (*blushing*).

  • Shaina Lebana as Julia

A sharp mind and a strong mindset is a deadly combination. Agar aap ye dono milaye, aapko milegi bus ek chiz . Julia. It is her willpower that makes her do big things in life despite her background.

  • Amit Jairath as Jatin

Paiso ka mol Jatin ke alawa na koi samaj sakta hai aur na koi kabhi samjega. Realising the importance of money quite early in life, Jatin works hard every passing day to make his money and reach a higher position. Iske dictionary mein sirf money ke alawa aur koi shabdh nahi tha. Honesty aur loyalty toh kaafi dur ki baat hai phir.

  • Kavish Majumdar as Tyagi

Don’t underestimate the power of a common man. Um, halwa wala? Born in the family of halwais, Tyagi has grown up savouring delicious food. In fact, it is safe to say that food is the love of his life (*we feel you, Tyagi*).

Besides them, Bang Baang also stars some of the other talented and well-known actors of the industry. Their energy on the show is unmatchable too!

May we introduce you to the rest of the cast of Bang Baang web series that has taken the digital world by storm with their performance.

Come, take a look below:

Actor’s Name Character Name
Gurpreet Bedi Monisha
Gargi Sawant Shimona
Shreya Gupto Ramona
Semal Bhatt Ajay

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