Pyaar aur dosti ke alawa bhi kuch rishte hote hai. Aise jo samaj mein nahi aate. Jinki koi diwar nahi hoti. Sarhad nahi hoti. Yehi batane aa rahe hai Bekaaboo Season 2 ki star cast.

The makers of the web series have finally unveiled the huge cast of their upcoming erotic thriller. This time around, the second season of Bekaaboo will see some of the brilliant actors of the telly industry. Toh chale? Mile unse? Bus aapne keh diya aur humne sun liya.

  • Taher Shabbir as Kiyan

He has gone from being head over heels in love with Anaysha to hating her to the core. The man is indeed no longer the same. Quite literally! Par ye toh ab waqt hi batega ki aise kyun hua humare Kiyan ke sath. Aap itna socho mat. You’ll find that out soon.

  • Subha Rajput as Anaysha

Success aur fame kisko nahi pasand? Agar aap ye do chizon ko resist nahi kar paate toh Anaysha kaise karegi bhala? Well, this bestselling author has gained immense popularity for her recent book, ‘Bekaaboo.’ While she is living her dream, the problem arises when her newfound fame starts getting to her!

  • Priya Banerjee as Kashti

Ye toh har kisiko yaad hogi. Presenting to you the wild child of the web series. Kashti. Ye thodi pagal aur impulsive si hai. Without thinking twice about the repercussions of her actions, Kashti does what exactly she feels (*whoa, slow down girl*). Bach kar rahiye isse. She’s about to cause havoc with her gimmicks yet again

  • Ankit Gupta as Shaurya

He is an artist in the literal sense. Dancer by the day. Potter by the night. Aise hai humara Shaurya! Ismein kuch baat toh zaroor hai. Hmmm. Ekdum sahi pakde ho aap! There’s something about him that’s too good to be true. Wait until you find out what it really is.

  • Taaha Shah as Novin

Will you review video games for a living? Well, we can’t tell about you about but Novin won’t let go of the opportunity! A video-game reviewer by profession, Novin enjoys his work. In fact, he is quite the pro at it.

  • Poulomi Das as Bidita

If you thought only Kashti could lure Kiyan, you were wrong. Wait until you see Bidita! She is the temptress that knows her ways with him. Well, Bidita does exactly what Kiyan demands from her (*gasps*).  Hai na shocking? Told you!

  • Smaran Sahu as Aakash

Meet the one-man army- Akash- the cop. He might be from a different world but knows his way around. Inke ajeebo gareeb petron se hi ye sach ka pata lagate hai har waqt. The man can actually sniff the right and the wrong about everything. Quite literally!

  • Jitendra Hirawat as Varun

Inka kissa hi hai kuch alag. Varun hai toh shaadi shuddha. But he is a virgin. Um…what? Yes, you read that correctly. Are you wondering why? Well, he’s a total beta male. You’ll see! 😉

  • Trishna Mukherjii as Natasha

Ek baar jo ye commitment kar deti hai, toh ye apne aap ki bhi nahi sunti. Loyalty runs in Natasha’s blood. She’ll go above and beyond without thinking twice when she is faithful to someone. That’s exactly why she didn’t hesitate to help Anaysha when she desperately needed her help.

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Starring Taher Shabbir, Subha Rajput, Priya Banerjee, Ankit Gupta, and many more actors, this upcoming web series is a game of hate, betrayal, murder, and deception. So, get ready to witness the madness of all the characters in the second season on ALTBalaji. Get started by paying 80 paisa per day to witness the thrill of the game. Hurry!

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