One of the most prestigious and respected professions in India is that of an Army Officer. And hey, guess what? Today, India’s armed forces see women officers in combat roles (in the air force) and sailors (in the Indian Navy). However, despite their acceptance in the army, getting to the front line is tough for women. Therefore, they end up working in the following roles:

  • Signals
  • Engineers
  • Army Aviation
  • Intelligence Corps
  • Judge Advocate General (JAG)
  • Army Dental Corps (ADC)
  • Army Air Defense (AAD)
  • Electronics and Mechanical E-Ordnance(EME)
  • Army Education Corps (AEC)
  • AMC (Army Medical Corps)
  • Army Service Corps (ASC)
  • Army Ordnance Corps (AOC)
  • MNS (Military Nursing Services

Here are the top 3 battles a lady army officer faces despite their abilities and skills:

  • Gender Equality

Women officers have to struggle with ranks, promotions, pensions and longer tenures. Moreover, they are inducted through a short service commission of up to 14 years as well as a permanent commission only in the Army’s legal and educational wings.

  • Post-Retirement Commission

On February 17, 2020, the Supreme Court of India upheld the right of serving Short Service Commission (SSC). It was stated that female army officers should be granted permanent status and entitlement to army pensions similar to their male colleagues. The judgment was based on the case filed by 17 SSC officers who served in the Army for 14 years. Ever since the Supreme Court’s verdict has helped women in the Army to reap the benefits they deserve.

  • Physical and Mental Stress

The life of a female army officer is packed with challenges like relocations several miles away from home. They do not have the freedom of choice. This acts as a disadvantage that can be mentally and emotionally exhausting for a woman who bears the responsibility of her family.

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