Kano mein ik dil ki baat sunaavan ni. Isse hasda vekh ke jag nu hum bhul javaan ni. Kya aapka bhi yehi haal hai? Well, if you can’t help but get lost in her beautiful smile, brace yourself! She is back to take your breath away in His Storyy web series. May we present to you the gorgeous, Priya Mani Raj as the girl-next-door, Sakshi in ALTBalaji’s upcoming marriage drama, His Storyy.

Taking to Instagram to reveal her character from His Storyy web series, ALTBalaji wrote, “Meet Sakshi. She has aced both, her professional as well as her personal life of being an ideal woman. However, she soon finds herself in a marriage that is full of lies. Will she accept her husband’s unexpected revelations, or will their marriage fall apart?

#HisStoryy streaming 25th April on #ALTBalaji.”

About Priya’s character in His Storyy


Quick question: Are there any women who cannot multitask? Perhaps, not!

Gone are the days when women would only sit at home. Aaj ke samay mein aurtein kaafi agge pohoch gayi hai. Apna ghar aur parivaar sambhalne ke sath sath vo apna kaam bhi sambhal leti hai. Unn mein se hi ek hai, humari Sakshi. Not only is she a great businesswoman but also an amazing mother and a spouse. The lady is indeed all sorts of perfect, bro! (*you go, girl!*)

The 40-something sunshine girl is a ray of hope in everyone’s life, especially her children’s. Sakshi guides them in the right direction as well as spreads joy and positivity in their life. TBH, the kids love her energy. It’s safe to say that Sakshi is a wonderful person to be around with. Lucky Kunal! Ab itni pyaari aur khoobsurat biwi kaun nahi chahega? Now, don’t you envy him? Batao, batao! 😉

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About His Storyy web series

Whoever said marriage isn’t easy wasn’t wrong. But, for Sakshi, it is a cakewalk until one fine day. After living a perfect life with her Kunal, her whole world comes crashing down after an affair comes to light. Laga shock? Humein bhi! Ye kahani hai ek aise couple ki jo aapko hasaega aur rulaega!

Starring Satyadeep Mishra, Nitin Bhatia, Priya Mani Raj, Mrinal Dutt, and many more popular actors, His Storyy web series is a tale of a power couple who has been married for a long time. However, their 15-year long paradise falls apart after Kunal reveals a hard-hitting truth. What follows after is a series of chaotic events that leads to their separation. Get ready to unravel their story exclusively on ALTBalaji on 25th April.

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Sakshi and Kunal are ready to take you on their journey that will make you laugh and cry. But, are you? We are 100% sure that you are too, boss! Toh chalo sathmein milne chalte hai dono ko. Pay 80 paisa per day and watch the gorgeous lead pair exclusively on ALTBalaji and stream web series online filled with entertainment Hurry!

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