Who doesn’t love to experience the golden eras with the bold and trendsetting dressing styles and jazzy music? To revive the spirits of the 60s and 70s, ALTBalaji is releasing a romance story all the way from Calcutta. But it wasn’t solely about love at that period with Calcutta grounded amidst the tragedy of the cholera epidemic and war. Did love even stand a chance?

To know, let’s dive into the story of It Happened in Calcutta and discuss the recent trailer of the new web series.

Plot of It Happened in Calcutta Web Series

It Happened in Calcutta web series revolves around Kusum and Ronobir who are studying in Calcutta Medical College. Ronobir Chatterjee is the typical charismatic casanova where every girl on campus is infatuated with him. Kusum is the only girl in her MBBS course which puts her in Ronobir’s radar. It doesn’t take them long to know each other and the affair to start. Soon they are graduating from college with Ronobir leaving without saying a word to Kusum. But destiny wasn’t going to let this chapter end, and they end up meeting again. Amidst the cholera epidemic of the 60s and war of the 70s, Ronobir believes that fate has given them another chance at love. But Kusum cannot bear it anymore after surviving a heartbreak. Will they find solace in each other or will Kusum break free of this painful love story? Find out now on ALTBalaji’s OTT channel. Watch It Happened in Calcutta trailer on YouTube to get a glimpse of the plot and the characters today!

Cast of It Happened in Calcutta Web Series

The latest Hindi web series features Karan Kundrra and Naghma Rizwan in the lead role. Ken Ghosh, who has also directed movies like Fida, Ishq Vishk and Chance Pe Dance along with an ALTBalaji web series, XXX, has directed the story. Karan Kundrra will be playing the character of Ronobir Chatterjee with Naghma Rizwan starring as Kusum. Karan Kundrra gained popularity after starring in a TV show called Kitani Mohabbat Hai. But he has gone on work on unique projects, also hosting shows like Gumrah: End of Innocence and acting in movies like 1921. The female lead of the new web series, Naghma Rizwan, is a model-based in Mumbai who was finalised for the lead role after a long search for an actress that fit the character perfectly.

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