Adding to the list of romance web series, ALTBalaji brings another story with a unique storyline amidst the time India faced war and on two fronts, Pakistan and Cholera. It Happened in Calcutta is based in the 60s and 70s when Bengal was stuck amidst an epidemic and a war. During such tragedy that had wrung a State into despair and urgency, love was blooming but will it survive? It Happened in Calcutta trailer has been released on ALTBalaji’s official YouTube channel gaining popularity amongst the audience. So, let’s dive into the shots of the web series revealed by the trailer and discuss where you can watch It Happened in Calcutta.

Karan Kundrra’s Retro Look in It Happened in Calcutta

If you watched the It Happened in Calcutta trailer, you must have seen the web series giving off a strong retro vibe. Karan Kundrra can be seen sporting the 60s hairstyle with flower-print coats and flared pants. Nothing beats the long sleeked-back hair styled by Karan Kundrra. Naghma Rizwan gives off the Bengali feel with the bindi and the salwar-kameez. The web series has clearly made an effort to take the viewers back to the much-coveted days.

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It Happened in Calcutta Trailer

The opening shot of the trailer begins with an intimate scene between Ronobir and Kusum that depicts their love for each other. The next shot cuts to Kusum’s battered body lying on the floor, unconscious. Without giving many clues about the previous scene, the trailer goes on to show the present day scenario of Calcutta in the 60s with parties and retro music. Then enters Kusum in the Calcutta Medical College with her sitting amongst numerous guys. Even Ronobir mistakes it as an error on her part, but apparently, Kusum is the only female MBBS student in the college. The trailer then cuts to very intense scenes between the two which slowly progresses to the graduation day. Kusum has finally achieved her dream of becoming a doctor and moved on from Ronobir, but his chapter wasn’t supposed to end in her life? She meets him again at the hospital. Between the cholera epidemic and the war, will she give him another chance? Will their love find what it seeks? Tune in to watch It Happened in Calcutta web series on ALTBalaji!

Where to Watch It Happened in Calcutta Web Series

You can catch the new web series on ALTBalaji’s mobile app and website which is available on subscription. The membership can be bought on the mobile app by directly selecting ‘Subscribe’ or click on ‘Subscribe’ option under ‘Sign in’ for the website. There are two subscription packages available on the ALTBalaji, a three-month subscription plan for Rs.100 and a twelve-month subscription plan for Rs.300. With the membership, you get access to all the paid content on the channel, which can be streamed countless times. Watch It Happened in Calcutta web series streaming on ALTBalaji!

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