The past couple of weeks have been quite eventful for all the ALTBalaji viewers. You know why? Well, ALTBalaji has surprised their fans with back-to-back good news. For starters, they announced the season renewal of their popular web series, Gandi Baat. Taking the news to Instagram, they revealed the show’s poster with a caption, “Control karna mushkil hone wala hai, Kyuki iss baar mamla garam hone wala hai! #GandiiBaat season 5, streaming on 8th October on #ALTBalaji.”

Shortly after the poster-reveal, there were several speculations online about who we are going to see next on Gandii Baat 5. To put an end to the rising theories, let us first assure you that ALTBalaji has found many well-known faces to star on the show. Still, the one that has caught everyone’s attention is the hottest hunk of Gandii Baat Season 5 – ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for the talk-of-the-town, Lakshya Handa. He is all set to dazzle on the screen with his good looks and chiselled abs (haye!!).

About Lakshya’s Character on the first episode of Gandi Baat

Hey there! Guess what? Just like us, Lakshya Handa is thrilled to be a part of the steamiest season of Gandii Baat. Speaking of his enthusiasm, he said to an entertainment portal, “It feels really great to be a part of such a popular franchise. I’m excited about the show for it always manages to offer fans a number of different stories packed in an amazing concept. What really impressed me was that they didn’t just focus on the bold scenes, but also made it more acting-oriented.”

Actor Lakshya Handa is seen in the first episode, Erotic Tales of Madhosh Madan of Gandii Baat 5. Are you wondering what his character is like in the series? While we strictly want you to watch the show and find it out yourself, we also believe that a little revelation doesn’t harm anybody. Introduced as Chandan, Lakshya Handa, in the first episode, he wins you over with his smirk, dapper looks, and stellar performance. And hey, did we mention that he is a charmer too? We did, you say? Oh! you’ll see why. 😉

Talking about his experience working with ALTBalaji’s Gandi Baat, Lakshya Handa said, “My experience of working with ALTBalaji was very different from the earlier projects which I’ve done in the past few years. I also bonded really well with my co-actors and enjoyed every part of the shooting process. This story has the perfect combination of everything for it features humour, mystery along with some great performances by each of the actors.”

Also get ready to roll with the whole cast of Gandii Baat Season 5

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