Bhujangraj, the serpent king, once ruled this village, and all the other snakes were his descendants. Previously, people were frequently killed by snake bites, and once Thakurain got the snake bite – but miraculously she was saved – she said she has the blessings of Bhujangraj, and for the well-being of the village, she requested Bhujangraj to stop the killings. Bhujangraj agreed on his terms that he should be given a place to live.

Bhujangraj, a mystic figure, serpent king, marries a village lady on every Amavasya, and that woman is known as the Naag Vadhu, and after that the same women has to live in Bhujangraj’s place.

Hence, any man who consummates with Naag Vadhu dies instantly. These women after their consummation with Bhujangraj lives in a separate area of the village, where no one is allowed. What they do? How they live and who takes care – nobody knows.

Cast: Poulomi Das, Simran Khan, Subuhi Joshi, Tanya Desai, Zuber Khan, Anoop Goswami