Doesn’t it just feel like yesterday that ALTBalaji blew your minds with its popular crime-drama, Apharan? It does, right? We don’t blame you. While Apharan made headlines for its eccentric plot, there was this person that caught everyone’s eye. Remember Ranjana? Uff, Ranjana (*recalling fondly*). Yes, she is the bold and beautiful cop in Apharan web series who stole hearts with her looks, and now she is back with a bang to impress you yet again (wait, what!).

So, who’s excited to get to know Nidhi Singh in a new avatar? We’re sure all of you definitely are!! Toh chaliye mite hai inhe. Deri toh humein zara bhi nahi karni, nai?

About Nidhi’s character in Dark 7 White

Miliye humari Daisy se. Aur ye hai humare CM, Yudi (Sumeet Vyas) ki love interest. Aur uski ticket to politics. It was the day Yudi saw Daisy that he knew she was his stairway to heaven!

In this upcoming show, Nidhi’s character, Daisy, is a polished girl who hails from London. Kaafi HiFi haan, Nidhi. Kamal Hai! It’s like the role is tailor-made just for her. In fact, her classy style, her fashion sense, and her infectious aura speak for itself in Dark 7 White web series. She is surely in her element!

The stunning actress, Nidhi Singh aka Daisy happens to be the daughter of ex Chief Minister, Bhairon in Dark 7 White. Pehle Yudi ka pyaar. In fact, uski fiancé. Aur ab ex CM ki beti. Kaafi badhiyaan!!

Chatting about her character to a news website, Nidhi Singh was quoted saying, “It’s a very well written and layered character, and prepping for it and playing her is a challenge that I am looking forward to. The creators are a great team of very gifted people, and I’m definitely excited for this collaboration.”

About Dark 7 White

Politics. Murder. Friendship. Betrayal. That’s ALTBalaji’s upcoming political-thriller for you, ladies and gentlemen. The show takes you into the life of seven friends and a big-shot politician, Yudhveer Singh Rathore. While you get a full-blown peek in every character’s world, Dark 7 White leaves you on the edge of your seat after Yudhveer’s death. So, how does he die? Is he murdered? But, who did it? Hang in there a little longer. The wait is almost over. You’ll find all your answers soon. Know more about complete cast of Dark 7 White web series.

Watch Dark 7 White online

We are sure Yudhveer’s death news has left you restless. We are right, aren’t we? Trust us, we won’t keep you waiting for too long. Find out all your answers soon streaming on ALTBalaji app. We have our subscription. Do you? If not, get started by paying 80 paisa per day. You read that right. Hurry, Dark 7 White starring Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh, Jatin Sarna, Taniya Kalrra, Monica Chaudhary, Sanjay Swaraj, Shekhar Choudhary will be here soon for you. Happy binging!

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