Is your best friend getting hitched? Hallelujah!  While her engagement news brings joy, it also leaves you with the responsibility of planning an epic bachelorette party for her (and no we’re not kidding). C’mon now. Don’t panic. We’re here (like always) to make the daunting task a lot more easier for you.

We’ve curated some simple steps on how to plan a bachelorette party for your gorgeous bride-to-be. With these ways, you can easily come up with the best spinster party ideas for her. Excited much? Come, let’s find out right away!

  • Choose the right place for your bridie

Girlies, we know you have big plans for your bridie. You might envision her bachelorette party on a cruise in Bali or at a casino in LA. But hey, guess what? Your BFF might have different plans. Oh c’mon now, cheer up! So, before jumping into the planning, pick the hints and understand what she wants. Remember the goal here is to make the day about the bride-to-be (and not you!).

  • Invite her closest friends

We get it. You are her best friend. But hey, she is going to need her other closest pals (besides you) to celebrate with her too (no matter how much you hate it). So, c’mon. Ask her for a list of people she wishes to invite. Drop them formal emails, make some calls and wait to watch her reaction.

  • Plan fun group activities

It is a party and everybody deserves to have some fun. So, girl, don’t shy away from going crazy with the games. Try a mix of traditional and contemporary activities for the party. You can even go ahead and plan a karaoke night for the ladies. Oh and hey, did we mention that rewards are mandatory? Well, they indeed are!

  • Set up a gorgeous photo booth

Okay ladies, correct us if we’re wrong. Every party is incomplete without tons of boomerangs, selfies, and pictures (guilty as charged). Well, if you can’t help but agree with us, here’s your cue to pick the cutest props and set up a gorgeous booth for the bride tribe. You can either go full glam with vibrant decorations or keep it minimalistic with fairy lights and flowers.

  • Keep the drinks coming!

You heard us! Whatever you do, keep the drinks coming. You can even go ahead and bartend for the bride tribe. Mix and match different drinks and present the best cocktail for the whole girl gang. Remember the goal here is to let everybody enjoy the party to the fullest (with a dash of lemon) 😉

Planning a bachelorette party is not easy. But hey, it’s not impossible either. The above-mentioned steps will ensure you’re on the right track. Oh and hey, did we mention you can count on Rekha for helping you come up with bachelorette party ideas? Well, you indeed can!

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