Rangeen Kahaniyan Sapnon Ki Raani

Men are from Mars and woman are from Venus, may be this proverb is not 100 % right, but partially this proverb is accurate. Men’s mind work in different direction while female’s mind works in another direction.

Rohit Deewan a very handsome man, in his early 30’s. He is living a perfect life, a very good business, a beautiful wife, big house, expensive car, and has all the things a man can dreams of. But as we say men are from Mars, he feels he is lacking one thing in his life and i.e. one female, “Amrita”.

Amrita is extremely beautiful female in her late 20’s, extremely elegant and super model kind of figure, though Amrita is a divorcee with a 3-year-old son.

Cast: Manisha Jain, Jyoti Singh, Roaleey Ryaan, Ranveer Chahal