Ek baar jab ye commitment kar deti hai toh apne aap ki bhi nahi sunti. Ye hai vo khiladi jo sab par bhari pad sakti hai. Toh batao kaun hai ye? Oho, kya aap bhi. Ab tak nahi pehchan sake! Don’t panic. Let us do the honors. Shall we? May we present to you the badass and the boldest character, Meera played by Ruhi Singh in ALTBalaji’s blockbuster action drama, Bang Baang.

Taking to Instagram to reveal the leading lady, Ruhi Singh from the Bang Baang web series, ALTBalaji wrote, “Beauty, brains and punches, this diva has got it all! Do not fear kyunki action ki queen Meera is here! Get ready for the biggest action thriller of the year! #BangBaang teaser out on 5th January on #ALTBalaji.”

About Ruhi’s character, Meera

Let us just get straight to the point. If there’s one thing that you should know about Meera, it is that apne duties ke samne isse koi aur nazar nahi aata. Kyunki ye ek bohot hi determined officer hai. Baat chahe kuch bhi ho, be it about strength or intellect, she gets into the roots of it and finds out the answers (*atta girl*). That’s our Meera for you, ladies and gentlemen. Isn’t she so cool? Well, wait until you watch her on-screen!!

Speaking of her character with India Times, Ruhi Singh was quoted saying, “I play the role of a serious cop. It’s different from all the roles I have ever played, and Meera is pretty elegant. I think it’s extremely important to understand a character altogether to portray it perfectly. Rather than exaggerating a performance, I think it’s important to feel the emotion, so I think there is a certain elegance and subtlety to Meera. As an actor, it’s my dream to play diverse characters and bring their stories to life. I hope these characters and their tales enrich you as much as playing them enriches me.”

About Bang Baang web series

Show ka introduction hai sirf ek ki ye hai iss naye saal ka sabse pehla aur bada dhamaka. Packed with intense fight scenes, car crashes, gunshots, Bang Baang web series is the baap of all the action dramas. Par ye kahani hai kuch nayi jo lati hai kahi sare twists and turns. Not only does it have a murder angle to it but also a hint of romance (*grabbing a bucket of popcorn*).

Here are the details of entire Star Cast of Bang Baang.

Watch Bang Baang online

Now, tell us. On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you to watch Ruhi Singh’s action-packed murder mystery? 10, thik hai? Well, it sums up our excitement perfectly. In that case, you have to hurry. Show toh live hai. Toh aap ab tak kya kar rahe ho yaha? Get access to entire library of AltBalaji’s Newest Shows online with an affordable subscription package that lets you pay as low as 80 paisa every day. Happy binge-watching, y’all!

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