Dekho ye bholi jitni. Utni hi tedhi chiz bhi hai. Adaayein iski badi funky. Karti hai ye nautanki. Aisi hai ye chori- hamari Sukoon– played by Sameeksha Sud of social media fame – in Who’s Your Daddy Season 2. Known for delivering her absolute best in the genre of comedy and entertainment, ALTBalaji has given the actress a chance to stay in her element with the brand new season of Who’s Your Daddy 2 (Way to go, Sam. You’ve got this!).

Introducing Sameeksha’s character, Sukoon on their Instagram, ALTBalaji wrote, “Yeh hai Sukoon! 💓

Inhe pyaar hai Shooshan se, usko help karne ke liye woh kuch bhi karne ke liye hai taiyaar par sabse bada CONFUSION hai ki iske pyaar, Shooshan ka daddy kaun hai?

Yeh bhi nikal padhi hai to find out, kaun hai Shooshan ka daddy?

#WhosYourDaddy Season 2 streaming on 22nd Dec on #ALTBalaji.”

About Sameeksha’s character in Who’s Your Daddy 2

Now, from where do we even begin? Hum jitna kahe utna kam hi hai, dost. Bolne ke liye toh hum kaafi kuch keh sakte hai. Par iske baare mein ek chiz toh keheni padegi. Bachpan se hi na ye number one aati aa rahi hai. There, we said it. That’s Sukoon for you, ladies and gentlemen!

In the show, Who’s Your Daddy 2, Sameeksha Sud aka Sukoon plays Bhavin Bhanushali’s (Shooshan) love interest. Well, it’s her bubbly personality that catches his eyes in the web series. In no time, the on-screen duo finds themselves drawn towards each other. Now, we do love a good romance, don’t you? Par inki love story mein na ek panga hai. Huh? Aise kaise? Oho, thoda sabar karo na. Ab sab kuch abhi hi jaan loge toh Who’s Your Daddy Season 2 dekhega kaun? Uff, kya aap bhi!

About Who’s Your Daddy Season 2 web series

Starring Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud, Anushka Sharma, Lata Shukla, Heer Kaur, and other popular faces of the industry, ALTBalaji’s upcoming web series is a laughter riot that everyone needs to watch out for. The comical storyline of looking for Shooshan’s biological father will make you ROFL. To top it all, inke funny one-liners make Who’s Your Daddy 2 all the more interesting!! 😀 Ye kahani hai aisi jo aap ke hosh udha degi! Know more about the story of Who’s Your Daddy web series.

Watch Who’s Your Daddy 2

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