Kehde aapko ya chup rahe ki dil mein humare aaj kya hai? Khir, bata hi dete hai ab. Chalo ye bhi wada hai. The makers of the popular romantic franchise, Broken But Beautiful have roped in a fresh face for their brand new season. Iske baremein ab kya hi bataye? She’s young and beautiful. Talented and intelligent. Any guesses about who she is? Well, ladies and gentlemen. This gorgeous gal is none other than the social media sensation, Sonia Rathee who is all set to make her debut opposite Sidharth Shukla in the Broken But Beautiful 3 web series.

Taking to Instagram to unveil Sonia’s character from Broken But Beautiful 3, ALTBalaji wrote, “Meet Rumi – Rich and privileged. Rumi is used to getting what she wants. But does she really need what she wants?

#BrokenButBeautiful3 teaser out on 14th May at 11:11AM; show streaming on 29th May on #ALTBalaji

About Sonia’s character in Broken But Beautiful 3

Kehte hai ye deewani hogayi. Mashoor hai iske ishq ki kahaani. Jo jag ne na maani. Par isne hai thaani. Kaha thi vo dekho. Par pyaar ke liye vo kaha chali aayi. Sare sarhado ko paar karke Rumi finally gets to marry the man of her dreams- Ishan. But, despite going above and beyond for him, does Ishan really love her? Is he worth the fight she put up for him? Khair, ye toh akhir waqt hi bataega.

Growing up, Rumi has always got what she desires. Whether it is getting someone to act her way or making somebody fall for her, she will make sure it all goes as per her plan. Par isko kaun samjaega ki har chiz apne hisab nahi hoti, madam. Der se hi sahi par Rumi learned it the hard way. When destiny played its cards, she had no choice but to accept it.

In a conversation with Indian Express about her character, Sonia said, “I was drawn to Rumi’s character because of what she stands for and who she is. This season, she goes through a tornado of emotions where we get to see her transform from a girl to a woman, struggling to find her place in the world. Getting the opportunity to tell Rumi’s story is more than I can ask for seeing how I’m going through a similar transition in my own life. To top it all, I’m getting to work with such incredible people! To say I’m excited is an understatement.”

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About Broken But Beautiful 3 web series

Ishq satata aur hasata, dono hai. Par jab koi ishq mein padh jata hai unke hisse mein sirf aasoon hote hai. Kuch aisa hi humare Rumi aur Agastya ke sath hua hai. This on-and-off couple fails at love every time they decide to take a chance. Despite their love for each other, they receive nothing but a share of tears and heartbreaks.

Starring Sonia Rathee and Sidharth Shukla in the lead, the story focuses on Rumi and Agastya’s failed whirlwind romance and everything in between that goes down after they part ways. The brand new season of the Broken But Beautiful love story web series is a saga of love, emotions, betrayal, and obsession. This beautiful tale will drench you in love as well as leave you in tears by the end of the season.

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Rumi and Agastya’s love story is almost here. And hey, guess what? You’re only a few steps away from unraveling their emotional drama. All you have to do is download ALTBalaji, pay 80 paisa every day, and bam. You’re all set to enter their world and stream ALTBalaji’s latest shows online

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