Gentlemen, correct us if we’re wrong: It’s no secret that you have a hard time expressing your feelings (especially to your friends). Isn’t it? (c’mon now) Despite your unconveyed emotions, your best buds never fail to have your back. They religiously follow the bro code rules about girlfriends and go above and beyond for you at every step.

Here’s a peek into the unspeakable bro code girlfriend rules that keep the friendship between men alive:

  • Be honest with each other

Tell us something. Does your friendship matter to you? Well, if it does, be brutally honest with him (come, what may!) Don’t keep any secrets from your brother that can ruin your relationship with him (especially if it’s about a girl). Whether you have a crush on his girlfriend or if you think she is bad news, tell him the truth at all times. That’s the first bro code rule when it involves girlfriends.

  • Keep distance from your friend’s girl

What to do if you and your friend like the same girl? Well, you must talk it out and come to a conclusion. But once she’s your bro’s girlfriend flirting with his girl is a big, fat ‘NO’ gentleman. You know why? Well, it might end up ruining your bond with him. So, respect his feelings and avoid being the third person in their relationship. The best thing to do is to offer a friendly vibe and not get ‘too cosy’ with your pal’s girlfriend.

  • Watch out for him

Never let your favorite buddy do bad things (alone). Whether it is dealing with his cheating girlfriend or getting him out of a brawl, always have his back. Stick with him through thick and thin. Quite literally!

  • Give him his space

Now, the concept of space is quite legit even in friendships. Yes, you read that correctly. So, give your bud the desired time that he needs. Understand what he wants and let him have it. Remember the goal here is to provide him with space (as much as he wants) without interfering with his break.

  • Push him to do better

Let’s face it: There will be days when your bro feels blue. On those days, don’t let him give up. Cheer your buddy up and direct him towards a brighter life that motivates him to do better in every possible way. Trust us, you can do this!

  • Keep his secrets safe

Now, you may not be allowed to keep things from him. But hey, guess what? It is your duty to NOT spill his secrets. Whether it’s something dark either about his past or personal family matter, ensure that it is safe with you (and you only). Take his secrets to the grave and never utter a word about it in public.

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