ALTBalaji, a streaming OTT platform, has been exploring several genres since it went live and has earned a name for producing unique and bold content. A genre that ALTBalaji is still venturing into is horror and supernatural category. With some really well-made thrillers web series, the channel has also tried its hands on VR clips and films for a particular web series that we will soon discuss! Promising you zero spoilers, let’s dive into the top horror and thriller shows that can be streamed on the OTT platform.

1.    Code M

Code M web series revolves around a complex case, which is thought to be an open and shut case, involving the Indian Army. Featuring Jennifer Winget as Major Monica Mehra, Rajat Kapoor as Colonel Suryaveer Chauhan and Tanuj Virwani as Angad Sandhu, the show gained a lot of popularity for the twists and turns that keep you guessing till the end. The storyline is based on the uproar caused in the country due to the execution of two alleged terrorists. Major Monica Mehra gets called in to investigate the case and put an end to it as soon as possible. But she discovers that it isn’t as simple as portrayed with several hidden layers to the situation. What will she uncover the truth and do justice to her job?

2.    Ragini MMS Returns Season 2

Ragini MMS made a comeback on ALTBalaji after giving two hit movies in the past. The concept of the movie has been maintained in the web series but with newer twists and story lines. The show recently earned a season 2 which was widely anticipated by the viewers due to its exciting trailer. The story begins with Ragini and her gang of friends going on a trip without expecting much to go wrong. Who knew they would end up choosing a haunted villa for a bachelorette party! To promote the show, a stereoscopic 3D 360 Virtual Reality narrative film was released, giving the audience a chilling and thrilling experience to cherish. Watch Ragini MMS Returns Season 2 only on ALTBalaji

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3.    Maya Thirrai

Surprisingly, viewers can catch a thriller show in Tamil on ALTBalaji’s OTT platform. Maya Thirrai is a strange love story with supernatural revelations. The web series keeps you on the edge of your seat with its spooky secrets and scary plot developments. To avoid giving out spoilers of the show, you can catch the trailer of Maya Thirrai to get a glimpse of the plot. Starring Eden Kuriakose and Nandha Durairaj in the lead, the web series has been directed by Kaushik Narasimhan. Start streaming the show on ALTBalaji’s mobile app and website now!

4.    Bekaaboo

Bekaaboo web series is a thriller show to watch out for. Based on Novoneel Chakraborty’s book, Black Suits You, the show takes you on a ride with an obsessed fan. A man who seeks out his darkest fantasies ends up regretting the entire ordeal due to a girl who knows no bounds. Starring Priya Banerjee, Rajeev Siddhartha, and Madhu Sneha, the web series is an erotic thriller. Start watching Bekaaboo web series now on the OTT platform and be ready for the unexpected turns!

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