ALTBalaji is a homegrown platform that is known to keep its viewers entertained with its quirky, fun content every day. The show, Virgin Bhasskar, is an erotic-comedy series that primarily revolves around men who go the comical length to fulfil their love and lust desires.

ALTBalaji has already launched the Virgin Bhasskar web series on its OTT platform. Ekta Kapoor had announced the Virgin Bhasskar release date in advance, which went on air on November 19th, 2019, on ALTBalaji. Featuring Anant Joshi and Rutpanna Aishwarya, Virgin Bhasskar is a story of an adult novelist based in Banaras who ironically happens to be a virgin.

Virgin Bhasskar web series is based on the life of a 26-year old adult novelist, Bhaskar Tripathi who expresses the pain of his inactive sex life through his writing. Although his virginity has a significant impact on his social life, his lack of experience benefits his writing skills in multiple ways. His writing resonates with readers who are inexperienced like him, which is why his novels are highly appreciated by such audiences.

Since Bhasskar’s ultimate goal becomes to lose his virginity, he and his best friend, Mishra set on a mission to get him laid. Bhasskar’s life turns upside down on the entry of Vidhi Pandey, a girl out of his league. Vidhi is a beautiful and intelligent young woman who hails from a family of the cops. Due to the strong family background, Vidhi is capable of breaking any man’s limbs who try to play with her heart.

Irrespective of her background, Bhasskar sets his heart on Vidhi. From there, their love story unfolds in a chain of events. The latest web series is a comic story with the power-packed performance of the Virgin Bhasskar cast, and a tale of romance, heartbreak, and big-fat lies. Speaking of the story, the lead actor, Anant Joshi, said, “It is a fun story full of sheer comedy and beautiful screenplay, which is written by Manish and Ajay.”

Desperate to explore the rite of adulthood, will Bhasskar fulfil his ultimate goal in life? Find out about it on ALTBalaji’s Virgin Bhasskar. Watch the hilarious story of the adult novelist, Bhasskar Tripathi on ALTBalaji today. Download the app either on your mobile phones or the website. Buy a subscription package that ranges between Rs. 100-Rs. 300. Enjoy the one-of-a-kind story packed with laughter on the ALTBalaji OTT platform to keep yourself entertained during the pandemic.

Recently, ALTBalaji has released the second season of Virgin Bhasskar. The comedy errors continues for the adult novelist who desperately wants to lose his virginity to the love of his life. Watch it today! get more information about Virgin Bhasskar 2 Story.

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