Ladies, you’ve found yourself this incredibly beautiful man, haven’t you? We are certain that this intelligent, humble, charming (and all things nice) person has your heart. Well, if he’s a total package, it’s safe to say you’ve scored a keeper. But hey, does he know that yet? No? Oh c’mon now. Attracting a man is a piece of cake. All you have to do is muster some courage to make him yours with these 5 simple ways.

Here are the sure-shot 5 ways that’ll help you woo your guy. Come, let’s take a look:

Flash a smile

Right off the bat, men notice a woman with a beautiful smile. It gives them a sense of happiness, warmth and friendliness. So, ladies, why not give it a try? You can either make him laugh or simply flash a smile every time he looks at you. Oh and hey, did we mention that men also find a genuine smile sexy? Jackpot! 😉

Hold his gaze

Eye contacts are the key! If you catch him looking at you, hold that gaze, girl. You know why? Well, it’s quite simple. It not only shows him you’re confident but also tells him you’re interested in him. So, ladies, look into his eyes for as long as you’d like (but not in a strange or creepy manner).

Flirt with him

Here’s a little secret (carry it to your grave). The man that you’re trying to woo will be impressed by your confidence, not your looks! Yes, you read that correctly. Even if you’re the most beautiful woman in the room, realise that having the confidence to signal your interest in him will get you halfway there. So, get your act together, girlies. And hey, always remember the goal here is to be a little flirty (and not desperate!)

Slide into his DMs

We get it. You’re not someone who makes the first move. But hey, guess what? Literally, every man appreciates when the ladies step up (and text first!) C’mon now, women, here’s your cue. Leave your worries behind, get out of your comfort zone, and get ready to slide into his DMs.

Give genuine compliments

Now, ladies, we know it might seem a tad trite to shower him with compliments (especially when you’re trying to get his attention). But hey, as long as you are genuine with this man, a simple compliment can go a long way. Remember the goal here is to appreciate the little things about him. So, don’t overdo it!

Once you successfully woo him, you’re going to start feeling a lot more confident (than you already were). You will feel good about yourself and refine your efforts. Besides, you’ll also quickly learn what men like, need, and desire.

Riya from ALTBalaji’s Crimes and Confessions web series is a pro on attracting a man. She is someone who knows the way to a man’s heart. With her gorgeous looks, impeccable flirting skills, and smooth-talking, she can easily sway any man. It’s safe to say if there’s one person who knows how to get his attention, it’s her. So, what are you waiting for? Take lessons from her by watching her in Crimes and Confessions right away at 80 paise every day!

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