5 Practical Tips to Handle an Insecure Sibling

Tarun Virwani and Ritvik Dhanjani Cartel

Lucky are the ones who have understanding and mature siblings. But hey, what about the ones who are stuck with insecure brothers and sisters? Well, if you’re one of them, you have our sympathies. It can get extremely difficult to deal with jealous siblings that disrupt your mental peace. But hey, before you stress yourself out with the inevitable situation, let us help!

We’ve done some legwork for you and put together 5 practical tips to handle sibling insecurity with maturity. Here, take a look below:

Confront them

Let’s face it: You can’t prolong this conversation for a long time. It is imperative that you have a mature discussion with your siblings and tell them how you feel. Address your concerns patiently in front of them and wait for their reaction. Remember to stay calm throughout the conversation (come what may).

Appreciate them often

Now, underappreciation can be one of the common reasons for an insecure sibling. Well, in that case, the best to do here is give them your time and find ways to appreciate whatever they do. Start by showering genuine compliments about little things. For starters, you can tell them how great they are doing at work or perhaps tell them how amazing their cooking skills are. It’s that simple!

Take the high road

We understand. It’s heartbreaking to watch your siblings pin you down at every step. Cheer up, loves! Don’t be upset (no matter how much it hurts). Instead, be the bigger person and take the higher road. It might not seem easy at first, but hey, trust us, it’ll bring you peace! Walk away with grace and dignity. You can do this, okay?

Set boundaries

Let us tell you something. Boundaries are essential in every relationship (especially when you’re dealing with a jealous sibling. Yes, you read that correctly. If their insecurity is out of your control, muster the courage to draw the line between the two of you. Figure out what rules you want to imply, how you wish to interact with them, how much time you want to spend around them. It’s okay. It’s what you need at this moment!

Don’t feel guilty!

There are chances that your siblings might turn the tables on you. But hey, don’t let them guilt trip or intimidate you. If they blame you for their wrongdoings, take a break and sit together for a discussion yet again after everybody is calm. Just ensure that you don’t ruin your mental peace.

Dealing with toxic siblings can hamper your mental and physical well-being. Relax! The good news is you can still manage sibling rivalry gracefully with our above-mentioned guide. You can learn to protect yourself from their attacks and stand up for what matters the most- your peace!

Take lessons from Major Bhau, played by Tarun Virwani in the Cartel web series on how to deal with a jealous sibling. Major has a brother, Abhay Angre who happens to disrupt the peace of the whole family with his antics. His reckless behaviour causes trouble to everyone, including Major Bhau. Despite Abhay’s gimmicks, Major manages to rise above everything and handle the situation peacefully at every step. Amazing, right? Well, get inspired by Major’s patience and tune into Cartel on ALTBalaji at 80 paise every day.

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5 Sureshot Ways To Win a Man’s Attention

crimes and confessions Riya

Ladies, you’ve found yourself this incredibly beautiful man, haven’t you? We are certain that this intelligent, humble, charming (and all things nice) person has your heart. Well, if he’s a total package, it’s safe to say you’ve scored a keeper. But hey, does he know that yet? No? Oh c’mon now. Attracting a man is a piece of cake. All you have to do is muster some courage to make him yours with these 5 simple ways.

Here are the sure-shot 5 ways that’ll help you woo your guy. Come, let’s take a look:

Flash a smile

Right off the bat, men notice a woman with a beautiful smile. It gives them a sense of happiness, warmth and friendliness. So, ladies, why not give it a try? You can either make him laugh or simply flash a smile every time he looks at you. Oh and hey, did we mention that men also find a genuine smile sexy? Jackpot! 😉

Hold his gaze

Eye contacts are the key! If you catch him looking at you, hold that gaze, girl. You know why? Well, it’s quite simple. It not only shows him you’re confident but also tells him you’re interested in him. So, ladies, look into his eyes for as long as you’d like (but not in a strange or creepy manner).

Flirt with him

Here’s a little secret (carry it to your grave). The man that you’re trying to woo will be impressed by your confidence, not your looks! Yes, you read that correctly. Even if you’re the most beautiful woman in the room, realise that having the confidence to signal your interest in him will get you halfway there. So, get your act together, girlies. And hey, always remember the goal here is to be a little flirty (and not desperate!)

Slide into his DMs

We get it. You’re not someone who makes the first move. But hey, guess what? Literally, every man appreciates when the ladies step up (and text first!) C’mon now, women, here’s your cue. Leave your worries behind, get out of your comfort zone, and get ready to slide into his DMs.

Give genuine compliments

Now, ladies, we know it might seem a tad trite to shower him with compliments (especially when you’re trying to get his attention). But hey, as long as you are genuine with this man, a simple compliment can go a long way. Remember the goal here is to appreciate the little things about him. So, don’t overdo it!

Once you successfully woo him, you’re going to start feeling a lot more confident (than you already were). You will feel good about yourself and refine your efforts. Besides, you’ll also quickly learn what men like, need, and desire.

Riya from ALTBalaji’s Crimes and Confessions web series is a pro on attracting a man. She is someone who knows the way to a man’s heart. With her gorgeous looks, impeccable flirting skills, and smooth-talking, she can easily sway any man. It’s safe to say if there’s one person who knows how to get his attention, it’s her. So, what are you waiting for? Take lessons from her by watching her in Crimes and Confessions right away at 80 paise every day!

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Cast list of Bicchoo Ka Khel web series revealed!

Bicchoo Ka Khel

Swagat nahi karenge inka? Vo bhi puri swag se! Par kaun hai ye log? Arey, ye wahi log hai jo iss baar kamal nahi, balki bawaal machenge Diwali par. Make some noise for the stellar cast of ALTBalaji’s upcoming crime-drama, Bicchoo Ka Khel. After the recent launch of the trailer, the makers have given us a full-blown peek of the characters of the show (yay!).

Oh bhai, rukiye. Kaha ja rahe ho aap akele humare bina? Chalo ab chalte hai inhe milne sath mein. Here’s presenting to you the brilliant cast of Bicchoo Ka Khel web series that has become the talk of the town:

  • Divyenndu as Akhil

Ab inki tareef mein hum kya hi bole. Miliye humare iss bicchoo ke khel ke maha khiladi se. Kya naam hai ji iska? Akhil. Pura naam? Sir, Shrivastava? Kya zhurm hai inka? Inhone Anil Chaubey ka katal kiya. Par kyun? Well, Akhil is here to blow your mind with his full-fledged planning to seek revenge for his father’s death. The mastermind behind the whole game in the show, Bicchoo Ka Khel is Akhil Shrivastava played by Divyenndu.

  • Anshul Chauhan as Rashmi

Bhai, inse baat karni hai toh siddhe point par aao. Ye ghuma phira kar mat karo. Kyunki, ye hai humari bindaas chori- Rashmi- jo shaadi vaadi ke chakkar mein Akhil ke sath apna special sa rishta nahi chaupat karna chahati hai. She is the one woman that you definitely should look out for in Bicchoo Ka Khel web series. Rashmi is played by Anshul Chauhan in Bicchoo ka khel so be ready to be bowled over by her swag, desi andaaz, and no-nonsense attitude. Atta girl!

  • Mukul Chadda as Babu

Ye khel shuru hua bus ek aadmi ke karan. Aur vo the Babu- humare Akhil ji ke vajood. Aur jisne bhi iss aadmi ko hath lagaya samjo uski lag gayi lanka, boss! He is none other than Akhil’s father who is falsely accused of a murder. After he is arrested as a prime suspect for something that he never did, the real drama in Bicchoo Ka Khel web series arises from there! Bhai Bhai Bhai Bhai.

  • Satyajit Sharma as Anil Chaubey

Miliye iss khokle system ke maha pratap se. Put your hands together for the antagonist of the show- Anil Chaubey- banana chahate the ye Banaras ko Beijing! What’s interesting about Anil is that he happens to be Rashmi’s father. Kahani mein twist! And hey, did we tell you that he is also one of the renowned lawyers in Banaras? Well, now you know 😉

  • Rajesh Sharma as Mukesh

Ye hai uss mithai ki dukaan ka malak jaha Akhil aur Babu kaam karte the. Aur janab toh Anil Chaubey ke bade bhaiyya bhi hai. Ji, ye hai Mukesh Chaubey! He owns the shop, of course. But it is his wife, Protima who actually makes all the sweets by herself! Groundbreaking.

Ye toh khali thi ek jhalak humare Bicchoo Ke Khel ki thode bohot star cast par. Story toh kaafi lambi. Isliye humare maharathiyon ki bhi list utni hi badi hai. Come, let us introduce you to the rest of the well-known faces in the web series that plays a prominent role. Aaeye, chalte hai:

Actor’s Name Character’s Name
Trisshna Mukherjii Promila
Gagan Anand Rajveer
Abhinav Anand Rahil
Zeishan Quadri Inspector Nikunj Tiwari
Prashana Sharma Vaidehi
Gautam Babbar Munna Bajrangi
Akanksha Thakur Damyanti
Aakash Sahay Suraj
Abhishek Chauhan Rinku
Amitabh Virendra Ojha
Jhuma Biswas Neelam Ojha
Raghav Biyani Prasad Ojha
Shreedhar Dubey Inspector Rathi
Ram Sujan Singh Govind
Monika Chowdhary Renuka
Durgesh Kumar Tyagi
Anupama Chauhan Shalini

Watch the whole cast in Bicchoo Ka Khel online

Starring Divyenndu, Anshul Chauhan, Satyajit Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Trisshna Mukherjii, Gagan Anand, Abhinav Anand, Akanksha Thakur, Abhishek Chauhan, Gautam Babbar, and many more, Bicchoo Ka Khel web series is a crime-drama with a dash of quirkiness to it. Catch the Bicchoo ka Khel and more amazing shows on ALTBalaji at 80 paisa per day. Shuru hoga jald hi vo khel jo sabko dank marega. Bhuliyega nahi!

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Bicchoo Ka Khel Trailer Revealed!

Bicchoo Ka Khel

Diwali aa rahi hai. Toh dhamaka toh banta hai na, guru? Well, guess what? Ekta Kapoor’s OTT platform- ALTBalaji- just dropped a bomb on all their viewers. And it’s massive! Ab kamal nahi, bawal hoga! After teasing you’ll a little with Bicchoo Ka Khel teaser, the makers of the show have FINALLY released the trailer (*jumping with joy*).

ALTBalaji revealed the trailer of Bicchoo Ka Khel web series on their official Instagram handle. They wrote, “Sunn liye ho na, yeh “Bachenge nahi, system inhe khud bachayega.” Par yeh aise, kaise hoga? Aur hoga toh bohot bada bawaal hoga! Taiyyar ho jaaiye #BicchooKaKhel aa raha hai, 18th November ko, on #ALTBalaji”

The three-minute-long trailer has already grabbed eyeballs for many reasons. Well, for starters, it’s because of Divyenndu (*heart eyes*). Can we take a moment to appreciate how goooood he looks in Bicchoo Ka Khel? Like wow! Just when you think that the trailer can’t get any better, Divyenndu will simply shoot you right in the heart with one of his punchy lines.

BKK Trailer:

Speaking of the trailer launch with Mid-Day, Divyenndu said, “I am really excited about the series as I got to play a character which I was looking for a long time. My character Akhil is an intelligent youth who is a fan of pulp fiction. The trailer is fast-paced and turned out to be really well crafted. The story and characters are nicely written, that it reflects in our performance on screen. I am really looking forward to the response of the viewers and fans who have always loved the characters which I have portrayed.”

Here is the entire Cast of Bicchoo ka Khel.

About Bicchoo Ka Khel

Punchy one-liners ✅

Suspense ✅

Romance ✅

Music ✅

Action ✅

Ek anokhe sheher mein, khel hua bhayankar shuru, khuni ek, khun anek, iss Diwali season, lagegi sabki lanka! So, enter at your risk. Once you enter Bicchoo’s game, you’re trapped. Bicchoo ka dank karega bawaal. There’s no way out! Get ready to watch the world turn upside down with Bicchoo Ka Khel web series- A story that leaves no stones unturned to leave a shiver down your spine with every episode.

Starring Divyenndu, Anshul Chauhan, Satyajit Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Trisshna Mukherjii, Gagan Anand, Abhinav Anand, Akanksha Thakur, Abhishek Chauhan, Gautam Babbar, and other popular actors, Bicchoo Ka Khel is a revenge story of a budding writer- Akhil. He is sharp. He is witty. But, he definitely cannot tolerate injustice. Kyunki uski aakhon ke saamne uska vajood ek jhatke mein bikhar gaya. Kanoon ne uske baap ke mauth ka tamasha banaya tha. With Bicchoo Ka Khel, Akhil (Divyenndu) brings you his battle for his father against the law despite the odds. Agar aap samaj paoge toh samaj lo. Aise hai ye humare Bicchoo Ka Khel- jo kisi par bhi haavi padh jaega.

Watch Bicchoo Ka Khel online

Toh Akhil ji please bataye aapne kyu mara Anil Chaubey ko? Kya vo bachna chahata hai iss murder se? Ya phir system khud bachega usko? Jo bhi hai, UP police aagayi hai usse le jane sabki gaadiyaan paltakar! Par aap aapki gaadi ke seat mein tham jao. Jald hi Kharidiye ALTBalaji subscription sirf 80 paisa prati din me aur dekhi amazing shows and web series! Kyunki aa rahe hai vo aapse milne iss Diwali! Kahi jaeyega nahi. Aap ka intezaar zarur rahega iss khel ke liye.

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Divyenndu in ALTBalaji’s Bicchoo Ka Khel


Jis mastermind ka saari duniya ko tha intezaar, uske face reveal ke liye ho jao tayyar. Iss Diwali dekhiye Mirzapur ke Munna Tripathi bane banarasi babu. Par ye manzara kya hai, guru? Putting behind the role of a hot-headed personality in Mirzapur 2, Divyenndu makes a smashing entry in the digital world once again. This time around, he is seen in the character of a budding writer- Akhil- the man who writes his own fate!

Recently, ALTBalaji introduced the lead actor, Divyenndu of their crime-thriller Bicchoo Ka Khel on Instagram. They shared the poster with a caption, “Mil lo Akhil se! Inki boli nahi inka khel bolta hai! Aur yeh khel aisa hai na guru ki koi samaj ke bhi na samajh paaye, kuch samjhe ki nahi? Watch out for Akhil on #BicchooKaKhel. Show streaming on 18th Nov!”

About Divyenndu’s character, Akhil in Bicchoo Ka Khel

Vo dikhta hai bada sweet, innocent, swami type ka, par hai bada khiladi! That’s Akhil for you, ladies and gentlemen. Aa gaya hai ye puri planning ke sath, shat pratishat tumko yahase le jane uske sath. We welcome you into the life of an aspiring writer whose world is no less than a roller-coaster ride with a few bumps and hits along the way.

Set out on a mission to seek revenge for his father’s death, Akhil is a fearless young chap from Banaras Hindu University. So, can a student go all out to seek justice for his father? What will he do? What is this badle ki aag for?  Just like you, we are waiting for answers. Trust us, Akhil is here to help you with exactly what you’re looking for. He owes that to you, no?

Take a look at Bicchoo ka Khel Teaser.

Talking to Mid-Day about his character, Akhil, Divyenndu was quoted saying, “My character is that of a writer who is a fan of pulp fiction. I am reading books written by Om Prakash Sharma, Ved Prakash Kamboj, and Surender Mohan Pathak, who are among the finest pulp fiction writers in India. For me, humanizing this character will be my biggest preparation.”

He further added, “The makers wanted to surprise people by casting against type. The production house and I were planning to collaborate for a long time. This was the kind of character I was looking for, and they were convinced that I could pull this off.”

Watch Divyenndu in Bicchoo Ka Khel online

Once you enter his life, there’s no turning back! So, hold tight. You’re almost there. Story zara lambi hai, time toh dena padega na ab guru! He’s coming to get you on the 18th of November. Now wouldn’t you gladly surrender yourselves to him 😉 We are sure you will.

Watch Divyenndu, Anshul Chauhan, Satyajit Sharma, Rajesh Sharma, Trisshna Mukherjii, Gagan Anand, Abhinav Anand, Akanksha Thakur, Abhishek Chauhan, Gautam Babbar and other well-known faces in the crime-drama, Bicchoo Ka Khel. The eccentric plot of the web series leaves you spell-bound. Right from the strong screen-presence to the dialogue delivery of all the actors, Bicchoo Ka Khel is the show that you’ve been waiting for a long, long time! Packed with some finest performances, Bicchoo Ka Khel makes its way to ALTBalaji this Diwali. So, get started by paying 80 paisa per day to watch this crime-drama. Hurry!

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