Bekaaboo Season 2 Cast Revealed!

Pyaar aur dosti ke alawa bhi kuch rishte hote hai. Aise jo samaj mein nahi aate. Jinki koi diwar nahi hoti. Sarhad nahi hoti. Yehi batane aa rahe hai Bekaaboo Season 2 ki star cast.

The makers of the web series have finally unveiled the huge cast of their upcoming erotic thriller. This time around, the second season of Bekaaboo will see some of the brilliant actors of the telly industry. Toh chale? Mile unse? Bus aapne keh diya aur humne sun liya.

  • Taher Shabbir as Kiyan

He has gone from being head over heels in love with Anaysha to hating her to the core. The man is indeed no longer the same. Quite literally! Par ye toh ab waqt hi batega ki aise kyun hua humare Kiyan ke sath. Aap itna socho mat. You’ll find that out soon.

  • Subha Rajput as Anaysha

Success aur fame kisko nahi pasand? Agar aap ye do chizon ko resist nahi kar paate toh Anaysha kaise karegi bhala? Well, this bestselling author has gained immense popularity for her recent book, ‘Bekaaboo.’ While she is living her dream, the problem arises when her newfound fame starts getting to her!

  • Priya Banerjee as Kashti

Ye toh har kisiko yaad hogi. Presenting to you the wild child of the web series. Kashti. Ye thodi pagal aur impulsive si hai. Without thinking twice about the repercussions of her actions, Kashti does what exactly she feels (*whoa, slow down girl*). Bach kar rahiye isse. She’s about to cause havoc with her gimmicks yet again

  • Ankit Gupta as Shaurya

He is an artist in the literal sense. Dancer by the day. Potter by the night. Aise hai humara Shaurya! Ismein kuch baat toh zaroor hai. Hmmm. Ekdum sahi pakde ho aap! There’s something about him that’s too good to be true. Wait until you find out what it really is.

  • Taaha Shah as Novin

Will you review video games for a living? Well, we can’t tell about you about but Novin won’t let go of the opportunity! A video-game reviewer by profession, Novin enjoys his work. In fact, he is quite the pro at it.

  • Poulomi Das as Bidita

If you thought only Kashti could lure Kiyan, you were wrong. Wait until you see Bidita! She is the temptress that knows her ways with him. Well, Bidita does exactly what Kiyan demands from her (*gasps*).  Hai na shocking? Told you!

  • Smaran Sahu as Aakash

Meet the one-man army- Akash- the cop. He might be from a different world but knows his way around. Inke ajeebo gareeb petron se hi ye sach ka pata lagate hai har waqt. The man can actually sniff the right and the wrong about everything. Quite literally!

  • Jitendra Hirawat as Varun

Inka kissa hi hai kuch alag. Varun hai toh shaadi shuddha. But he is a virgin. Um…what? Yes, you read that correctly. Are you wondering why? Well, he’s a total beta male. You’ll see! 😉

  • Trishna Mukherjii as Natasha

Ek baar jo ye commitment kar deti hai, toh ye apne aap ki bhi nahi sunti. Loyalty runs in Natasha’s blood. She’ll go above and beyond without thinking twice when she is faithful to someone. That’s exactly why she didn’t hesitate to help Anaysha when she desperately needed her help.

Know More about Bekaaboo Season 2 Story

Watch Bekaaboo Season 2 online

Starring Taher Shabbir, Subha Rajput, Priya Banerjee, Ankit Gupta, and many more actors, this upcoming web series is a game of hate, betrayal, murder, and deception. So, get ready to witness the madness of all the characters in the second season on ALTBalaji. Get started by paying 80 paisa per day to witness the thrill of the game. Hurry!

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ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo gets a season renewal

Ek kahani sunoge? Haan? Bohot badhiya! Ye kahani hai Anaysha, Kiyan aur Kashti ki. But, who are these three? Hold up, guys. We are getting there. Well, Anaysha happens to be a newly famous author of a bestselling novel while Kashti happens to be her friend.  And Kiyan? Ab iske baremein hum kya hi bataye? He is the one who goes above and beyond to destroy the two of them (*gasps*). An interesting tale, right?

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Ye kahani kisi aur ki nahi balki ALTBalaji ke Bekaaboo Season 2 ki hai. Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly. The makers of Bekaaboo have finally announced the season renewal of the series. This time around, the season renewal of the web series is something that you’ve never seen before. Yakeen nahi aata? Lo, aap khud hi dekh lo!

About Bekaaboo 2 web series

Pyaar ka definition aap sabko pata hai. Sabke dictionary mein iske kahi arth hote hai. Agar ek bolega ki pyaar dosti hai and all that jazz toh dusra isko pagalpan ka naam de dega. But, have you seen the dark side of love? Um…no! Koi na. Iss baar tayyar hojao iss chote se shabh ka ek naya roop dekhne ka jo aap sabko hila dega. May we present to you the dark side of a relationship in the brand new season of Bekaaboo.

ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo Season 2 is a spine-chilling storyline of each character that goes lengths to destroy each other’s life. The show is a revenge saga packed with unexpected twists and turns at every step. The deadly game of deception, betrayal, murder, money, and fame is ready to take the digital world by storm this month. But, are you? Hell yes! Know more about the release of Bekaaboo 2


About the cast

Raise your hands if you remember the first season of Bekaaboo. You do, don’t you? It created quite a stir with its sizzling cast, no? Well, this time around, the series gets even better! It is 10x hotter, bigger, and suspenseful (*boy, somebody shut us up*). You’ll see 😉

Brace yourself as the brand new season of Bekaaboo is here and arriving faster. The show is an ensemble of some of the brilliant actors yet again. Akhir kaun hai iss baar? Batade? Pakka? Acha chalo bata hi dete hai. ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo 2 web series sees a stellar cast starring some of the popular faces of the television industry. They are none other than Taher Shabbir, Subha Rajput, Priya Banerjee, Ankit Gupta, and many more. Hai na kamal? Humne toh aapko pehle hi kaha tha. Ab bus deri hai toh inhe apne screen par dekhne ki.

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Bekaaboo Season 2 Release Date Revealed!

They are back! Bringing you stories you’ve never seen before. The spiciest and the juiciest bits. They are back with the coolest hunks, hottest divas, their fresh story and whatever they did. They are ready right in front of you. They are here for you!

Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Introducing to you the brand new season of ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo jo aagaya hai aapke hosh udhane. Aapko pure tareeke se bekaaboo karne ekbaar phirse. The makers of Bekaaboo Season 2 took to Instagram to share the news with a poster release. They wrote, “It was all romantic, wasn’t.

#Bekaaboo Season 2, a psycho thriller, streaming 15th March on #ALTBalaji. Teaser out on 16th Feb.”

About Bekaaboo Season 2

He loves her. He loves her NOT. He loves her. He loves her NOTT. He loves her. He loves her NOTTT!! Bus karo. Ab toh gulab ke patte bhi khatam hogaye. Hum hi bata dete hai kya raaz hai iska. Kya vo pyaar karta hai usse ya nahi? Perhaps, not! Wait, what? Why? The man that was once head over heels in love with Anaysha is back to seek nothing but revenge. Filled with hatred for her, Kiyan is all set to destroy her in the brand new season of Bekaaboo.

ALTBalaji’s Bekaaboo Season 2  is a game of deception, betrayal, hate, murder, and vengeance. It is a psychological thriller that promises unexpected twists and turns at every step. The seasonal renewal of the series will leave you at the edge of your seat until the very end. Quite literally!

About the cast of Bekaaboo 2 web series

Raise your hands if you remember the madness of every character in the first season of Bekaaboo. You do, don’t you? Well, while we are sure you might never seem to forget them, we are can 100% tell you that Bekaaboo 2 is double the pagalpan. This time around, the second season brings you a twisted and kinky tale of new characters.

In Bekaaboo Season 2, you’ll see some of the popular actors of the telly industry, such as Taher Shabbir, Subha Rajput, and Priya Banerjee in pivotal roles. The trio will be seen playing the lead characters of Kiyan, Anaysha, and Kashti. On the other hand, some of the interesting characters in the second season will be played by Ankit Gupta, Poulomi Das, Taaha Shah, Smaran Sahu, Jitendra Hirawat, and Trishna Mukherjee Hai na mast? Ekdum tip-top! Know more about Bekaaboo Cast

Watch Bekaaboo 2 web series

Ye daur aur saal, dono naya hai. Toh ye sab mein Bekaaboo kaise piche chutega? Set to release on the 15th of March with a new chapter, this psychological thriller is almost here and arriving faster. Get ready with an affordable ALTBalaji subscription package that lets you pay 80 paisa everyday. Hurry. You cannot miss this upcoming web series!

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All about Ridhi Dogra in The Married Woman

Har insaan perfect nahi hota. Par ye baat Astha par lagu nahi karti. Acing every role in her life, the lady is indeed an epitome of perfection. Well, what else can we say? Aap khud hi dekhlo. Aa rahi hai ye aapko bhi sikhane kaise har chiz ekdum tip-top karte hai. Introducing Astha Kalra played by Ridhi Dogra in ALBalaji’s unconventional web series, The Married Woman.

Recently, ALTBalaji revealed her character, Astha in the newly launched poster on Instagram. They captioned, “A wife, a mom, a teacher, a homemaker, she’s played all the roles, but what about being true to herself? Being Astha?

Be a part of Astha’s journey as she breaks boundaries, set by society, to find herself.

#TheMarriedWoman trailer streaming 13th Feb on #ALTBalaji; Episodes out on 8th March.”

About Ridhi’s character in The Married Woman

Ye apni life jeeti hai sabke liye. Parivaar, Bachein, aur Pati. Inn sab mein, what about herself? You will start wondering, when will Astha start living her life? Koi inse hi pucho. Kab Astha? Kab? Keeping up with her responsibilities, this 31-year-old dutiful bahu, mother and a wife has perhaps forgotten her life path, her personal journey. Uff, ab dua hai toh bus ek hi chiz ki, koi isse aisa mile aur kahe, “Ja Astha jee le apni zindagi!”

About The Married Woman web series

Ek tajjub ki baat bataye? Ye show Manju Kapur ke kitaab par based hai! Set amidst the backdrop of Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, The Married Woman web series is a story of two bold and beautiful women. Astha and Peeplika who are on their path against the pressure of society. Rising above the religion, caste, and social norms, the gorgeous duo from the series find love in each other.

In a conversation with Indian Express, Ridhi Dogra said, “It’s not just a story about two women and same-sex relationship, it’s much more than that. As an artist, I really didn’t have any inhibition. I was sure if anyone must make such a show it should be coming from Ekta because she is truly a boss babe. I think this is a huge opportunity for me, great space and I am so glad that I waited so long for this one.”

Watch The Married Woman online

Starring Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja, Rahul Vohra, Ayesha Raza Mishra, and other popular actors, The Married Woman is ready to blow your mind with its one-of-a-kind storyline. Isliye aap kahi jaeyega nahi. Kyunki ye show aa raha hai 8th March ko ALTBalaji par. Download ALBalaji and start streaming the latest web series for only 80 paisa every day. Hurry. Happy binging, you gorgeous people!

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Everything about Monica Dogra in ALTBalaji

Kuch toh log kahenge. Logo ka kaam hai kehena. Par isse kya hai unse lena dena? Nothing at all!  Apne aap ke liye jeena koi isse sikhe bina kisi ki parwah kare. Living as free as a bird, Peeplika Khan played by Monica Dogra in ALTBalaji’s The Married Woman is born to conquer the world on her terms. This 33-year-old gorgeous artist has an opinion about everything. And boy, she doesn’t shy away from saying it out whenever required. Now, don’t we need more women like her? Hell yes!

Taking to Instagram to unveil the firecest character from The Married Woman web series, ALTBalaji wrote, “Peeplika. A woman who burns fiercely. For art, for humanity, for love.

She is impulsive, brave, bold, most importantly FREE from the conditioning of society. In love, Peepli chooses SOUL and not gender.

She is the reason Astha finds her will to look within and seek herself.

#TheMarriedWoman Trailer streaming 13th Feb on #ALTBalaji; Episodes out on 8th March.”

About Monica’s character in The Married Woman

Ek ladki thi deewani si. Ek duje ladki par vo marti thi. Bina kisi ki parwah kare vo usse apna sab kuch dena chahati thi. Par ye sab ke bich na jaane kisse uske premi ko dar tha. Society? Family? Caste? Or religion? Putting everything aside, the free-spirited Peeplika teaches Astha to stand up for herself and fight against the odds, come what may!

On playing such a strong character, the stunning Monica Dogra shared her thoughts about it on Instagram. She captioned, “In my wildest imagination, I could not have expected I would play a character who asked of me to dive into the subtlest and most tender parts of my being, confront my own demons, and break down my walls of self-limitation. Playing her broke me open. It was my honor and privilege to experience becoming so undone… the last step is offering her to you 🤲🏽.”

About The Married Woman web series

Ye kahani jo hai na happily-ever-after par end nahi hoti. In fact, vaha se shuru hoti hai. Well, yes! You read that correctly. The story begins when the two most bold and beautiful women discover each other. Peeplika and Astha who are onto their life journey against society rise above the odds.

Starring Ridhi Dogra, Monica Dogra, Suhaas Ahuja, Rahul Vohra, Imaad Shah, Ayesha Raza Mishra, and other popular actors, The Married Woman is a groundbreaking tale taken from Manju Kapur’s novel. It is a story of healing, self-discovery, love, loss, and pain that will leave you spellbound at every step. It’ll perhaps even make you root for an unconventional pair that breaks the shackles of the social norms.

Watch The Married Woman online

Toh ab batao kaun tayyar hai ye show dekhne ke liye? We are sure that everybody is! Catch the upcoming web series on 8th March streaming exclusively on ALTBalaji. Par kaise? All you have to do is download ALTBalaji and pay only 80 paisa per day. It’s this simple! Hurry. We are sure you wouldn’t want to miss it.

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Everything about ALTBalaji’s Crashh web series

Ek dusre se karte hai pyaar ye. Ek dusre ke liye bekaraar hai. Ek dusre ke vaaste marna pade toh. Hai taiyyar ye chaaron. Um, wait a minute? Kaun chaaron? Who are we talking about? Well, guys and gals. Ladies and gentlemen. We are talking about none other than the reel-life siblings from ALTBalaji’s next, Crashh web series. The upcoming series is an emotional household drama of four kids who are torn apart by one accident but reunited by fate in their later years.

Taking to Instagram to announce Crashh, ALTBalaji wrote, “Some accidents end lives… Some just change them forever!

Find out how a #Crashh changed the lives of 4 siblings!

#Crashh teaser streaming on 1st Feb on #AltBalaji.”

About Crashh web series

C’mon, you guys! Put your hands up in the air. We are about to tell you a story. A story about four kids. Kajal. Rahim. Alia. Kabir. Inki kahani thodi tragic hai. Toh kya hota hai inke sath? Aise hua ki…The four of them separate from each other at a young age after their parent’s die in a car crash (NOOOO!) After their death, the kids were adopted by different families and lead a life of their own (*omg, our heart*).

ALTBalaji’s Crashh web series is a tale of love and pain of the four siblings that will bring tears as they discover the truth about each other. What’s interesting to watch is how they cross each other’s path time and again without knowing who they really are. The web series is a beautiful story of destiny that tells us how some bonds are meant to be and find their way back to each other even when love is lost.


About the star cast

Starring Rohan Mehra, Zain Imam, Anushka Sen, Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, and others, Crashh is an ensemble of some of the brilliant actors of the industry.

While the lead actors of the show are Rohan Mehra, Anushka Sen, Kunj Anand, and Aditi Sharma, Zain Imam also happens to play a pivotal role of a doctor in the series. And mind you, all of these characters in the show are quite interesting to watch. In fact, it is their stellar acting skills and performance that has made the show soar the sky. Kaise kare hum inka shrukriya? Believe us when we say that you’re going to fall in love with every one of them. Get ready to watch them on-screen as they make you weep with joy and laughter in Crashh web series.

Watch Crashh online

So, what are waiting for? Download ALTBalaji and get started right away by paying as low as 80 paisa every day. Kaafi sahi na? With such an affordable subscription package, you can enjoy never-ending streaming of Crashh web series as well as other shows streaming exclusively on ALTBalaji. Happy binge-watching, peeps!

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Zain Imam is set to make a digital debut in Crashh

What are the three characteristics that every woman looks for in a man? Arey sharmao nahi, batao batao! Oho, nahi bata sakte? No problem at all. Ab toh iss chiz ka khulasa sirf Rishab hi kar paega! But hey, did we tell you who he is? Well, gentlemen. If there’s one man that can steal your girl, it is indeed Rishab played by Zain Imam in Crashh web series. Bach kar rahiye inse. He is the type that can sweep women off their feet with his charm, good looks, and intellect.

Taking to Instagram to introduce Zain’s character, Rishab, ALTBalaji wrote, “The listener, thinker, secret keeper. He’s got the charm that can sweep any girl off her feet, the kinds your parents would let you go out with. He is one of the best surgeons in the country.

#Crashh streaming 14th Feb on #ALTBalaji.”

About  Zain’s character, Dr Rishab

Aap soch rahe honge ki aisi kya khas baat hai ismein? Chalo, ab ye aapko hum hi bata dete hai. Well, Rishab is everyone’s saviour. Quite literally! A doctor by profession, his only purpose is to rescue lives around him (*help us, pretty please*). Hold on. We are not done yet. There’s more. Dr Rishab is in fact one of the best surgeons in the country! (*much wow*) 

With Crashh web series, Zain Imam urf aap sabke pyare Dr Rishab marks his digital debut in the OTT space. Sharing his joy about making his way to the web world with Biz Asia, he said, “I believe OTT platforms give artists a great opportunity to prove themselves time and again. I have only recently started my venture in this space and I am thoroughly enjoying it as it gives me the space to explore myself as an actor. For ‘Crash’, I loved the script and my character, and hence I signed up for it. My sincere regards to Ekta ma’am and the team for giving me this opportunity and I hope my fans and the audience give us love in this new venture.”

About Crashh web series

Iss kahani ke kahi patra the. Par ye kahani thi toh sirf chaar bhai aur beheno ki. Rahim. Alia. Kabir. Kajal. Toh inke sath hua yun ki… The four kids were separated at a very young age right after their parent’s death in a car crash. Ever since they were sent off to adoption centres and were adopted by different families. They grew up in a separate household, away from each other. Uff, dil chota na karo, yaaro. The good news is they reunite after decades!! (*BRB, crying tears of joy*) Par kaise? Ab vo aap khud dekhlo 14th February ko.

The Crashh star cast includes Rohan Mehra, Zain Imam, Anushka Sen, Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, and others. Get to know casts of other shows too on ALTBalaji Blogs.

ALTBalaji’s Crashh is a beautiful saga of love, connections, separation and reunion. The story of four siblings will leave you in tears and make you jump with joy.

Watch Crashh online

The siblings are ready to take you on their journey on 14th February. But, are you? We are sure that you are! So, hurry and get an affordable ALTBalaji subscription for you today. It lets you pay as low as 80 paisa every day. Happy binge-watching, y’all!

Know more about Crashh story.

Meet the badass women from Helllo Jee web series

Aapki raaton ko jagane, aapke sapno ko sajane, aa gaye hai vo. Dil ke button se phone lagaiye aur inse baat kariye. Karenge na? We are sure you will. Get ready as ALTBalaji’s Helllo Jee has made its way with a bang in the digital world. The makers of the show have finally given a peek of what the show brings to the table. And oh boy, believe us when we say that it will have you at hello. Quite literally!

Taking to Instagram to reveal the leading ladies of Helllo Jee web series, ALTBalaji wrote, “Welcome to #HellloJee. Yahan par bell se zyada phone ki ghanti bajti hai.

Milne ke liye thodi der mein aayenge, yeh sabhi log aapse. Miss mat karna yeh mast call.

#HellloJee Trailer out on 21st January only on #ALTBalaji.”

Starring Nyra Banarjee, Kalyani Chaitanya, Akshaya Shetty, Mishthi Tyagi, Dipali Sharma, Helllo Jee web series is a quirky show about aaj kal ki naari. It is a story about how women go lengths to make their own money without fearing anybody. What really adds to the brilliant women-centric plot is how they come together in support of each other during a difficult circumstance. Bohot hi badhiyaan na? Toh kaun milna chahega inhe?

We can’t tell about you, but we definitely are excited to meet them. Toh chalo. Arey, sharmao nahi. Aapko bhi lekar chalenge hum inn haseen womaniyas ko milne:

  • Nyra Banerjee as Angelina

What do you when life gives you sour grapes? Well, we don’t know about you, but Angelina makes wine out of them. Aisi hai humari Angelina ka style. Apne atrangi petre aur jugaad ke sahare vo apni zindagi mauj mein jeeti hai. What really adds to her personality is her sensuous voice. She stuns everyone with it!  In short, she is no less than a delight.

  • Mishthi Tyagi as Saroj

Chote mote jhagdo se tang hojate hai log. Par humari Saroj ka kuch alag hi kehna hai. Ye aise chote mote jhagdo se hi agge badi hai. Well, what can we say? Her character feels real with her quirks and flaws. That makes her perfect even with her imperfections!

  • Akshaya Shetty as Sonal

Kuch toh log kahenge. Be it about your complexion or your body. Par logo ka kaam hi hota hai kehena. If it doesn’t bother Sonal, it shouldn’t worry you too! Be like Sonal. She has risen way above the negative remarks about body shaming and her skin tone. No matter what people say to her, iska kehena tha sirf ek- ‘Mein apni favourite hun.’ Humari bhi tum hi ho, Sonal! 😉

  • Dipali Sharma as Lakhiya

Mehenat karne ke bavajud jab paise kam padh jate hai toh kya karte hai? Iska jawab toh Lakhiya hi sahi de paegi. You know why? Well, she found the perfect solution to her problem. But, what did she do? How did she make enough money? You’ll find out too! 😉

  • Kalyani Chaitanya as Malti

Did you notice that too? We bet you did. Inke naam mein hi maal basta hai. Ab agar inka naseeb hi itna kamal hai, toh inhe paise kamane se kaun rok sakta hai bhala? Would you? Nah. Neither would we!

Everything You Need To Know About Helllo Jee

Watch Helllo Jee online

Now, isn’t the star cast so fun and oh-so-hot? Hell, yes! With their sensuous voices and killer looks, they will leave you craving for more. So, who’s ready to watch them raise the temperature on-screen? We know you are. Toh der kis baat ki? Download ALTBalaji and subscribe to their affordable packages right away and watch exiting new shows on AltBalaji. Go pay only 80 paisa every day. Hurry!

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Helllo Jee Released!

Tring. Tring. Arey, aapka phone baj raha hai. Tring. Tring. Uthao toh sahi. Ek baar Hello ji bolkar toh dekho bhala. Inke aawaz par hi fida hojaoge aap. You don’t mind that, do you? We are 100% sure that you don’t. Well then, brace yourself as it’s time to get lost in the most seductive voice of the New Year that can make your heart skip a beat. Here’s presenting to you ALTBalaji’s latest drama, Helllo Jee that can actually leave you spellbound with a single ‘Hello.’

Earlier, the makers of Helllo Jee web series had revealed the trailer on their Instagram. They captioned, “Angelina ki life mein kabhi romance nahi aaya..lekin ab romance ki baatein inke ghar ka bills pay karti hain! Phone uthao, zara dial karo, aur karo baatein, Angelina se😉📞

#HellloJee streaming 1st Feb only on #ALTBalaji.”


Ever since ALTBalaji teased everyone with their trailer release on the gram, the fans are craving for more. Bus trailer release hone ki hi deri thi shayad sabko. Not only are the viewers going gaga over it but also showering their praises. Uff, ab hum kya hi bataye uske baremein. Lo, aap khud hi dekh lo.

Shab_nam8484: 😮😮😍😍🔥🔥🔥

Luckynyra: 😍😍😍😍😍😍

Himanshumadaan12: ❤️

Sagarumakantvibhute: 🔥काय राव

Get to know about the Plot of Helllo Jee

About Helllo Jee web series

Bhaisahab, aurton ko khudse kam samajne ki bhul toh zara bhi nahi karna. Agar ye sari mahilaye apna man banale toh kya kya kar sakti hai iska andaza koi laga bhi nahi sakta. Yehi dikhane aa rahi hai humare sari womaniyaas Helllo Jee mein.

ALTBalaji’s Helllo Jee is no less than a drama that shows the struggles of every woman in a male-dominated world with a dash of quirkiness and truckloads of humor. It is their battle against the odds that throws light on how women have to prove themselves time and again. Toh kya hai inka raaz? Kaise kar leti hai ye? How will they stand up for themselves? Will they outshine the men of the society? However they do it, we are sure you’re going to have a gala of a time. You’ll see soon! 😉

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Bang Baang Cast Revealed!

Ayy ji..O ji.. Lo ji..Suno ji.. Kar rahe hai hum kuch ghoshna ji. Lo aap bhi sunlo ji. Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time to welcome the swag wali public with a BANG. Unka time definitely aa chuka hai. The makers of ALTBalaji have finally revealed the cast of their action-packed drama, Bang Baang web series.

Recently, ALTBalaji gave everyone a full-blown peek of the cast on Instagram in the newly launched trailer of the show. They captioned, “Aapke hosh udane aa raha hai #BangBaang.

Super bikes, super stars aur supercast ke entry ke saath, hogayi hai 2021 ki shuruwat.

Just wait and watch #BangBaang, streaming 25th January on #ALTBalaji.”

Toh der kis baat ki ab?

Here’s presenting to you all the stellar star cast of Bang Baang:

  • Faisal Shaikh as Raghu

Ye hai humare show ka jigar da tukda. Hero banana toh iske daay haathon ka khel hai. That’s Raghu for you, ladies and gentlemen. Believe us when we say that there’s no one, other than him that can win your hearts with punchy one-liners and uff, too much swag, of course! (*brb, scrolling through his gram*).

Read More on the Debut of Mr. Faisu in Bang Baang

Faizal Shaikh - Bang Baang

  •  Ruhi Singh as Meera

Haaave you met Meera? She is the kickass and the badass lady don of Bang Baang web series. Ye dikhti hai bohot siddhi. Par bach kar hi rehna aap isse. Sabki haddhi pasli ek karne ki shamata hai ismein. If she can get every criminal to accept their crime, you can only imagine what all is she really capable of. You’ll find that out!  😉

  • Aman Gandotra as Rohan

Bow down, people. We have a royalty amidst us. He is none other than the renowned prince of the Udaipur city, Rohan. Ab inke baremein hum jitna kahe utna kam hi hai! You’ll fall in love with his charm and persona. Uff, the aura that he brings to the show is unmissable (*blushing*).

  • Shaina Lebana as Julia

A sharp mind and a strong mindset is a deadly combination. Agar aap ye dono milaye, aapko milegi bus ek chiz . Julia. It is her willpower that makes her do big things in life despite her background.

  • Amit Jairath as Jatin

Paiso ka mol Jatin ke alawa na koi samaj sakta hai aur na koi kabhi samjega. Realising the importance of money quite early in life, Jatin works hard every passing day to make his money and reach a higher position. Iske dictionary mein sirf money ke alawa aur koi shabdh nahi tha. Honesty aur loyalty toh kaafi dur ki baat hai phir.

  • Kavish Majumdar as Tyagi

Don’t underestimate the power of a common man. Um, halwa wala? Born in the family of halwais, Tyagi has grown up savouring delicious food. In fact, it is safe to say that food is the love of his life (*we feel you, Tyagi*).

Besides them, Bang Baang also stars some of the other talented and well-known actors of the industry. Their energy on the show is unmatchable too!

May we introduce you to the rest of the cast of Bang Baang web series that has taken the digital world by storm with their performance.

Come, take a look below:

Actor’s Name Character Name
Gurpreet Bedi Monisha
Gargi Sawant Shimona
Shreya Gupto Ramona
Semal Bhatt Ajay

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