5 Practical Tips to Handle an Insecure Sibling

Tarun Virwani and Ritvik Dhanjani Cartel

Lucky are the ones who have understanding and mature siblings. But hey, what about the ones who are stuck with insecure brothers and sisters? Well, if you’re one of them, you have our sympathies. It can get extremely difficult to deal with jealous siblings that disrupt your mental peace. But hey, before you stress yourself out with the inevitable situation, let us help!

We’ve done some legwork for you and put together 5 practical tips to handle sibling insecurity with maturity. Here, take a look below:

Confront them

Let’s face it: You can’t prolong this conversation for a long time. It is imperative that you have a mature discussion with your siblings and tell them how you feel. Address your concerns patiently in front of them and wait for their reaction. Remember to stay calm throughout the conversation (come what may).

Appreciate them often

Now, underappreciation can be one of the common reasons for an insecure sibling. Well, in that case, the best to do here is give them your time and find ways to appreciate whatever they do. Start by showering genuine compliments about little things. For starters, you can tell them how great they are doing at work or perhaps tell them how amazing their cooking skills are. It’s that simple!

Take the high road

We understand. It’s heartbreaking to watch your siblings pin you down at every step. Cheer up, loves! Don’t be upset (no matter how much it hurts). Instead, be the bigger person and take the higher road. It might not seem easy at first, but hey, trust us, it’ll bring you peace! Walk away with grace and dignity. You can do this, okay?

Set boundaries

Let us tell you something. Boundaries are essential in every relationship (especially when you’re dealing with a jealous sibling. Yes, you read that correctly. If their insecurity is out of your control, muster the courage to draw the line between the two of you. Figure out what rules you want to imply, how you wish to interact with them, how much time you want to spend around them. It’s okay. It’s what you need at this moment!

Don’t feel guilty!

There are chances that your siblings might turn the tables on you. But hey, don’t let them guilt trip or intimidate you. If they blame you for their wrongdoings, take a break and sit together for a discussion yet again after everybody is calm. Just ensure that you don’t ruin your mental peace.

Dealing with toxic siblings can hamper your mental and physical well-being. Relax! The good news is you can still manage sibling rivalry gracefully with our above-mentioned guide. You can learn to protect yourself from their attacks and stand up for what matters the most- your peace!

Take lessons from Major Bhau, played by Tarun Virwani in the Cartel web series on how to deal with a jealous sibling. Major has a brother, Abhay Angre who happens to disrupt the peace of the whole family with his antics. His reckless behaviour causes trouble to everyone, including Major Bhau. Despite Abhay’s gimmicks, Major manages to rise above everything and handle the situation peacefully at every step. Amazing, right? Well, get inspired by Major’s patience and tune into Cartel on ALTBalaji at 80 paise every day.

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5 Sureshot Ways To Win a Man’s Attention

crimes and confessions Riya

Ladies, you’ve found yourself this incredibly beautiful man, haven’t you? We are certain that this intelligent, humble, charming (and all things nice) person has your heart. Well, if he’s a total package, it’s safe to say you’ve scored a keeper. But hey, does he know that yet? No? Oh c’mon now. Attracting a man is a piece of cake. All you have to do is muster some courage to make him yours with these 5 simple ways.

Here are the sure-shot 5 ways that’ll help you woo your guy. Come, let’s take a look:

Flash a smile

Right off the bat, men notice a woman with a beautiful smile. It gives them a sense of happiness, warmth and friendliness. So, ladies, why not give it a try? You can either make him laugh or simply flash a smile every time he looks at you. Oh and hey, did we mention that men also find a genuine smile sexy? Jackpot! 😉

Hold his gaze

Eye contacts are the key! If you catch him looking at you, hold that gaze, girl. You know why? Well, it’s quite simple. It not only shows him you’re confident but also tells him you’re interested in him. So, ladies, look into his eyes for as long as you’d like (but not in a strange or creepy manner).

Flirt with him

Here’s a little secret (carry it to your grave). The man that you’re trying to woo will be impressed by your confidence, not your looks! Yes, you read that correctly. Even if you’re the most beautiful woman in the room, realise that having the confidence to signal your interest in him will get you halfway there. So, get your act together, girlies. And hey, always remember the goal here is to be a little flirty (and not desperate!)

Slide into his DMs

We get it. You’re not someone who makes the first move. But hey, guess what? Literally, every man appreciates when the ladies step up (and text first!) C’mon now, women, here’s your cue. Leave your worries behind, get out of your comfort zone, and get ready to slide into his DMs.

Give genuine compliments

Now, ladies, we know it might seem a tad trite to shower him with compliments (especially when you’re trying to get his attention). But hey, as long as you are genuine with this man, a simple compliment can go a long way. Remember the goal here is to appreciate the little things about him. So, don’t overdo it!

Once you successfully woo him, you’re going to start feeling a lot more confident (than you already were). You will feel good about yourself and refine your efforts. Besides, you’ll also quickly learn what men like, need, and desire.

Riya from ALTBalaji’s Crimes and Confessions web series is a pro on attracting a man. She is someone who knows the way to a man’s heart. With her gorgeous looks, impeccable flirting skills, and smooth-talking, she can easily sway any man. It’s safe to say if there’s one person who knows how to get his attention, it’s her. So, what are you waiting for? Take lessons from her by watching her in Crimes and Confessions right away at 80 paise every day!

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Here’s 5 Reasons Why Women Make Great Leaders

Cartel AltBalaji

For several decades, women have been striving to change their status in society. Today, they’ve managed to beat the odds and secure a position of power for themselves. More and more talented women are seen taking over businesses, firms, organizations, and startups. With these shifts in the work environment, it’s evident that they are a strong asset to the companies due to their skill-sets, leadership qualities, innovations, and so forth.

Here are the top 5 reasons that prove women make exceptional leaders:

Pro at multitasking

Yes, you heard us! Women are actually better at multitasking (than men). They possess the ability to decisively respond to simultaneous and different activities at the same time. That’s the sign of a successful leader! (*hallelujah*)

Good at collaborating with everybody

Correct us if we’re wrong. The power of true female leadership lies in keeping everybody together. Well, if you can’t help but agree with us, here’s your cue to become one of the great women leaders. All you have to do is work in a team, take opinions, share views on them, and coordinate together. This way, everybody in your team stays happy and more importantly, peaceful!

Leads by an example

Now, we all know that many women don’t inherit the position of power easily. They have to hustle every day to climb the ladder of success. Well, we don’t mean to bum you out with reality, but hey, guess what? The good news is women end up gaining more professional experience (than required) to fill in the shoes of a new job role. Due to this, they develop the knowledge and expertise to lead everybody around them. Amazing, eh?

Handles crisis well

Great women leaders are those who can tackle difficult situations with dignity, grace, maturity, and patience. Such women find a way to deal with everything and emerge stronger (despite the odds). Kudos to them. And hey, if you’re one of them, congrats! You’re already a step closer to being a leader.

Motivates everyone around them

Now, this is a quality not many usually possess. But hey, guess what? Women, in general, are great motivators, y’all. They know how to step in and fill the room with positivity and confidence (especially when things are dull). This ability to light up the dark is in fact one of the strongest leadership qualities in women. Amazing, no

In a nutshell, women as leaders are an asset to every business. They not only bring a better perspective to the table but also help in the flourishing of the company. So, what are you waiting for? Encourage the brilliant women in your organisation to grow and watch them turn your business into a success in no time.

One such example of a powerful and influential woman is Rani Mai, played by Supriya Pathak in the Cartel web series. She single-handedly runs the cartel, maintains peace between the five crime lords, and takes care of her larger-than-life family (alone). Her patience, ability to view things clearly and immense hard work and dedication have helped her become the woman that she is today. So, watch out for this iron lady from the web series exclusively on ALTBalaji at 80 paise every day. Hurry!

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Cast of Hai Taubba Season 3 – Everything You Need to Know!

Hai Taubba Season 3

Dekho vo aagaye. Ek baar phirse aapka dil behlane. The brand new cast of ALTBalaji’s popular anthology web series, Hai Taubba is ready to leave you surprised with their sensual performance. The talented cast of the show will be seen in never-seen-before avatars in the third season of the show releasing in September.

Sharing a glimpse of the cast in the latest trailer video of the Hai Taubba 3 web series, ALTBalaji wrote, “#HaiTaubba Chapter 3 – Trailer

Her life, her rules. Uske sapne uski priorities!

Slaying every societal norm, here are 4 stories in #HaiTaubba that will make you think twice.

Chapter 3 streaming 11th September only on #ALTBalaji

#MainKarungiApneMannKi #SlayingSocialTaboos.”

Excited much? Come, join us in meeting the sizzling-hot cast of Hai Taubba Season 3 in the most exclusive way possible:


Actor Character
Ekavali Khanna Sarla
Shaheb Bhattacherjee Siddharth
Basabdutta Chatterjee Bimala
Shaili Bhattacharjee Sharmila
Subhrajit Dutta Bipra

This episode of the Hai Taubba 3 web series is packed with a sizzling star cast that will take you on a rollercoaster ride with the lives of three powerful women from Bengal. Sarala, Sharmila, and Bimala are the leading characters of Sherni who are all set to win you over with their sensual beauty and stellar performances.


Actor Character
Rutpanna Aishwarya Rupa
Vikrant Koul Kartik
Amika Shail Lena

 Hai Taubba 3’s My Husband’s Lover is a one-of-a-kind tale of betrayal and heartbreak. When Sapna finds out about her husband’s affair, a series of inevitable events occur. The unexpected drama between Sapna, Nimrit, and Kartik will leave you in shock. Well, what can we say? Handicap is one such episode from the series that can blow your mind. Quite literally!


Actor Character
Poulomi Das Kesar
Kapil Arya Dhruv
Arshiya Alia
Swati Sharma Jonita

Starring Poulomi Das, Swati Sharma, Kapil Arya, and Arshiya, F**k Bad Memories is a story about four different characters. Dhruv, Jonita, Kesar, and Alia are poles apart but somehow find themselves tangled in each other’s messy lives. Despite their attempt of keeping their distance from each other, destiny brings them face-to-face.


Actor Character
Giriraj Kabra Jorse
 Aabha Paul Adhya

As quirky as the name sounds, Mera Pati Kutta Hai is an unconventional episode of three women hailing from a small town in India. Sanvi, Adhya, and Sukumari come from different backgrounds whose world revolves around stories of love, lust, heartbreak, and self-individuality.

Watch Hai Taubba Season 3 online

Toh ab sharam ko maaro goli aur apne haq ki machao masti. Get ready to download the ALTBalaji app right away to enjoy the brand new anthology web series non-stop. And hey, don’t forget to pay 80 paise every day to stream the hottest season on the OTT platform. Chalo, ab. Jaldi karo. We won’t want you to miss this one-of-a-kind experience! 😉

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Hai Taubba Season 3’s Spicy Trailer Revealed!

Hai Taubba Season 3

Kya suna aapne? ALTBalaji has released the baap of all the trailers (and no we aren’t kidding) The recent trailer of their upcoming anthology web series, Hai Taubba Season 3 has gained quite a lot of attention from the audience in a short span of time (well, for the right reasons, of course).

Recently, ALTBalaji unveiled the trailer of the Hai Taubba 3 web series on their Instagram with a caption, “#HaiTaubba Chapter 3 – Trailer

Her life, her rules. Uske sapne uski priorities!

Slaying every societal norm, here are 4 stories in #HaiTaubba that will make you think twice.

Chapter 3 streaming 11th September only on #ALTBalaji

#MainKarungiApneMannKi #SlayingSocialTaboos.”

About the trailer

So, what’s really the deal with the brand new trailer of the Hai Taubba Season 3 web series? Well, the recently launched trailer of the show is all things FIRE! It opens with the introduction of four sensual beauties from each episode (*hooting*). These leading ladies from the upcoming anthology web series are seen challenging the norms of society (all hail, women!)

Packed with the right amount of sensual performances and sizzling beauties, the trailer gives everybody a sneak peek at what the third season has in the store for all of us. The brand new season of Hai Taubba 3 will revolve around women coming from different backgrounds to narrate their inner complexities. Bhaisahab, iss baar toh mamla kaafi garam lag raha hai, nai? 😉

About the web series

Ladies and gentlemen. Brace yourself! The third chapter of Hai Taubba is unlike the previous seasons that you’ve seen. Confused much? Koi nahi, hum samjate hai. This time around, the show is all set to break stereotypes ek naye andaaz mein. The brand new season 3 of the Hai Taubba web series will blow your mind with its four prohibitive love stories. Hai na badhiyaan? Told you!

Starring some of the popular actresses, such as Amika Shail, Rutpanna Aishwarya, Poulomi Das, and more in the lead roles, Hai Taubba 3 is an attempt to portray the journey of women and their bold choices. It brilliantly shows how four leading beauties can go against conformity and express their individuality (without the fear of society). Isn’t that amazing? We bet it is!

Watch Hai Taubba Season 3 online

Toh haal kaisa hai ji aapka trailer dekhne ke baad? Udh gaye hosh? Ye toh hona hi tha! But hey, there’s more! Well, to catch the whole story of the powerful female protagonists in the Hai Taubba Season 3 web series and other AltBalaji Shows, download the ALTBalaji app right away. Oh, and hey, you can get started by paying as low as 80 paise per day. Amazing, eh? 😀

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Here’s What Hai Taubba Season 3 Has In Store For Us!

Hai Taubba Season 3

Aagaye aap? Toh chalo aapko le chalte hai ek aise duniya mein jisse aap hai anjaan. The thrilling world of self-individuality, societal taboos, love, betrayal, and lust will leave you spellbound. These unconventional stories in the third instalment of Hai Taubba are ready to give you chills in September. Amazing, eh? We bet!

Taking to Instagram to announce the brand new instalment of Hai Taubba, ALTBalaji wrote, “Sharam ko maaro goli, aur apne haq ki sajao doli!

#HaiTaubba Chapter 3 trailer streaming today evening on #ALTBalaji

#MainKarungiApneMannKi #SlayingSocialTaboos.”

About Hai Taubba Season 3

Discretionary warning: Dekho magar pyaar se! 😀

The brand new season of ALTBalaji’s most-loved anthology series, Hai Taubba is back and how! The latest season has returned with sensual stories of love, lust, societal taboos, and sexual bonds (and no we’re not kidding). These unconventional tales in the Hai Taubba Season 3 web series will most definitely raise the temperature. Don’t believe us? Well, what can we say? Aap khud hi dekh lo! 😉

Hai Taubba 3 Cast
Rutpanna Aishwarya in Hai Taubba 3

The actress, Rutpanna Aishwarya who will be essaying a prominent role in one of the episodes of Hai Taubba 3 told India Forums, “I liked the story and the character because it gives our society a motivating message that differently-abled people can also inspire, love, laugh, get married, have a great sex life too, and live a normal life without being dependent on anyone. The moment I got the narration I immediately said yes for the part.”

 About the cast

We don’t know about you but we are most definitely excited to watch such a stellar star cast come together for a show. Yes, you read that correctly. The Hai Taubba Season 3 is an ensemble of popular actors in leading roles! (*hallelujah*). The latest season will star some of the well-known celebrities in brand new avatars.

Let’s take a quick peek at the cast of the Hai Taubba 3 web series. Shall we? Chalo!

Actor Character
Ekavali Khanna Sarla
Shaheb Bhattacherjee Siddharth
Basabdutta Chatterjee Bimala
Shaili Bhattacharjee Sharmila
Subhrajit Dutta Bipra
Rutpanna Aishwarya Rupa
Vikrant Koul Kartik
Amika Shail Lena
Poulomi Das Kesar
Kapil Arya Dhruv
Arshiya Alia
Swati Sharma Jonita
Giriraj Kabra Jorse
Aabha Paul Adhya


Dekha? Hai na kamal? We told you, didn’t we? Be prepared to get introduced to the phenomenal actors in their best elements on Hai Taubba 3 real soooon! Jyada intezaar nahi karwaenge aapko. Pakka promise! 😀

Watch Hai Taubba 3 online

Ladies, gentlemen, and all you lovely ALTBalaji viewers. It’s time to cue the excitement! You know why? Well, the makers of the show have announced the release date. The third instalment of the Hai Taubba web series will make its way to ALTBalaji on the 11th of September. So, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is download the app, pay 80 paise per day and voila. You’re ready to watch the Hai Taubba 3 web series online!

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Amika Shail Roped in for Hai Taubba 3 After Gandii Baat Fame!

Hai Taubba Season 3

Dil thamb kar baithiye. Kyunki tashreef la rahi hai vo jisse aap nahi hai anjaan. The gorgeous gal, Amika Shail is back on ALTBalaji to steal your hearts with her brand new stint in the third season of Hai Taubba. The actress will be seen in a lead role in one of the four episodes of the Hai Taubba Season 3 web series.

Amika Shail Hai Taubba season 3

Taking to Instagram to share a glimpse of Amika Shail in the trailer, ALTBalaji wrote, “#HaiTaubba Chapter 3 – Trailer

Her life, her rules. Uske sapne uski priorities!

Slaying every societal norm, here are 4 stories in #HaiTaubba that will make you think twice.

Chapter 3 streaming 11th September only on #ALTBalaji

#MainKarungiApneMannKi #SlayingSocialTaboos.”

About Amika’s character in Hai Taubba 3

Ab agar ye aagayi hai vapas ek naye andaaz mein toh dhamako zaroor hoga. She is all set to make her comeback with her never-seen-before avatar in an episode titled ‘My Husband’s Lover.’ Although her character details are still under wraps, it is speculated that it is twice as sensuous as her role in Gandii Baat. It’s safe to say that Amika has sworn to raise the temperature each time she appears on-screen, nai?

Speaking of her role in the Hai Taubba Season 3 web series, Amika Shail told, “

About ‘My Husband’s Lover’ episode

Ye kahani hai aise teen logo ki jo aapke hosh udha dega. Nimrit, Rupa, and Kartik are the three lead characters from this episode that will leave you in shock with their twisted story.

When Rupa finds out from Nimrit about her husband’s (Kartik) affair, she is shaken to the core. But hey, guess what? After the startling revelation, things take a drastic turn. So, what really happens? Does Rupa leave Kartik? Well, what can we say? Iss kahani ka koi bhi modh kyu na ho maza toh aapko dekhne mein zaroor aaega. Lagi sharth?

Talking about the episode, Amika Shail happily said, “

Watch Hai Taubba Season 3 online

Doston, ab batao. On a scale of one to ten, how excited are y’all to watch the hottie, Amika Shail in Hai Taubba 3? We are most definitely sure it is a loud and clear. Sahi pehchana humne, nai? So, get going, you guys! Download the ALTBalaji app and pay only 80 paise per day to watch Hai Taubba 3 online with Amika Shail along with Rutpanna Aishwarya, Poulomi Das, and others on the 11th of September. Hurry!

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Planning an Epic Bachelorette With These 5 Easy Steps

Rekha at the bachrolette party - Crimes and Confessions

Is your best friend getting hitched? Hallelujah!  While her engagement news brings joy, it also leaves you with the responsibility of planning an epic bachelorette party for her (and no we’re not kidding). C’mon now. Don’t panic. We’re here (like always) to make the daunting task a lot more easier for you.

We’ve curated some simple steps on how to plan a bachelorette party for your gorgeous bride-to-be. With these ways, you can easily come up with the best spinster party ideas for her. Excited much? Come, let’s find out right away!

  • Choose the right place for your bridie

Girlies, we know you have big plans for your bridie. You might envision her bachelorette party on a cruise in Bali or at a casino in LA. But hey, guess what? Your BFF might have different plans. Oh c’mon now, cheer up! So, before jumping into the planning, pick the hints and understand what she wants. Remember the goal here is to make the day about the bride-to-be (and not you!).

  • Invite her closest friends

We get it. You are her best friend. But hey, she is going to need her other closest pals (besides you) to celebrate with her too (no matter how much you hate it). So, c’mon. Ask her for a list of people she wishes to invite. Drop them formal emails, make some calls and wait to watch her reaction.

  • Plan fun group activities

It is a party and everybody deserves to have some fun. So, girl, don’t shy away from going crazy with the games. Try a mix of traditional and contemporary activities for the party. You can even go ahead and plan a karaoke night for the ladies. Oh and hey, did we mention that rewards are mandatory? Well, they indeed are!

  • Set up a gorgeous photo booth

Okay ladies, correct us if we’re wrong. Every party is incomplete without tons of boomerangs, selfies, and pictures (guilty as charged). Well, if you can’t help but agree with us, here’s your cue to pick the cutest props and set up a gorgeous booth for the bride tribe. You can either go full glam with vibrant decorations or keep it minimalistic with fairy lights and flowers.

  • Keep the drinks coming!

You heard us! Whatever you do, keep the drinks coming. You can even go ahead and bartend for the bride tribe. Mix and match different drinks and present the best cocktail for the whole girl gang. Remember the goal here is to let everybody enjoy the party to the fullest (with a dash of lemon) 😉

Planning a bachelorette party is not easy. But hey, it’s not impossible either. The above-mentioned steps will ensure you’re on the right track. Oh and hey, did we mention you can count on Rekha for helping you come up with bachelorette party ideas? Well, you indeed can!

Rekha, played by Shweta Gulati in Crimes & Confessions, happens to be the lead character, Sudha’s close friend. She has been her only support system and motivator for decades. So, after finding out about Sudha’s engagement, Rekha decides to surprise her with an unexpected hen’s party surrounded by their inner circle. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this chance to witness Rekha’s surprise bachelorette for Sudha on ALTBalaji at 80 paise per day!

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Reminiscing Sidharth Shukla’s memorable moments from Broken But Beautiful Season 3

Sidharth Shukla - Broken But Beautiful 3

2021 has taken another bullet to the gut with the loss of an exceptional actor of the industry. The latest news of Sidharth Shukla’s death has left a million of his friends, families, and fans in shock and tears. And boy, it feels like a personal loss!

Earlier today, the senior officials of the hospital told Times Now News, “He was brought dead to the hospital some time ago. ” While everybody (including us) is struggling to come to terms with his unexpected death, let’s take a peek at the actor’s remarkable performance in his recent digital debut in ALTBalaji’s Broken But Beautiful Season 3. His role as Agastya Rao in the romantic web series proves that Sidharth Shukla will always remain a heartthrob of the nation (come what may!):

Here are some of his best moments from the Broken But Beautiful 3 web series that will take you down memory lane:

  • The grand entry

Right off the bat, his larger-than-life entry in Broken But Beautiful Season 3 is (and will always) remain the highlight of the show. Everything instantly brightens up after Agastya’s (Sidharth Shukla) appearance on-screen. The actor wins everyone with his killer looks, strong screen presence, and hey, phenomenal acting skills, of course. It’s safe to say that Sidharth aka Agastya is the heart of the web series (*whistles*).

  • The heartwarming confession

Well, this has to be the best! When he confesses his true feelings for his lady love, Rumi and breaks into a passionate kiss with her, our heart cannot the excitement (even today). The steamy on-screen kiss shared between Agastya and Rumi hands down happens to be one of the best moments from the Broken But Beautiful Season 3 web series (BRB, crying).

  • The drunk scene

Fans will agree that Sidharth Shukla’s alcoholic role in the third instalment of Broken But Beautiful is truly exceptional. And hey, guess what? Even the actor revealed that he had fun shooting the drunk scene. Sidharth told in an interview, “I’ve never played a drunken man or never had a drunken scene in any of the work that I have done till date. Yes, it was challenging. And the entire process of filming the show was my favourite simply because it was my first.”

  • The epic self-realisation

Now, we know you might hate Rumi and Agastya’s breakup, but hey, it was inevitable. And we cannot help but adore Agastya’s courage to let go of his love for her. The man was indeed brave to leave the past behind and embrace a new beginning (without her). Kudos to him!

Sidharth Shukla as Agastya Rao in season 3 of Broken But Beautiful was clearly a delight for many obvious reasons. His one-of-a-kind character and on-screen presence will remain one of his strongest pursuits. This memorable last performance before Sidharth Shukla’s death in ALTBalaji’s romantic web series will forever be remembered by his fans (and us). We miss you, legend! :’(


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